Face Reading Booth App – An Easy Way to Know Your Future

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Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Eliza Li
Rating : 4
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There are various ways in which people will read futures. A few of these include palm reading, horoscope, tarot cards etc. Each culture has different specialized and unique techniques using which experts try to read the future of others. The methods also vary according to an individual’s belief, tradition, and various other things. Psychic face reading is one of the most common means that people in all parts of the world use in order to gain an insight on their future. Each part of the face, that is the eyes, nose, ears, forehead, chin, lips, etc., are considered to be elements that represent a specific personality trait. By analyzing the distinct characters and features in an individual’s face, face readers will be able to predict what type of person the person being read is, what the future will hold for him or her etc. Wouldn’t it be nice that if we had an app for face reading so that anyone and everyone can do this right from their phones? RGamma has introduced an app called the Face reading booth for the iPhone and iPad users, which exactly does the job of an expert face reader.


Face Reading booth app is a very interesting and fun app. The app is very easy to operate. The user has to simply take a picture of the person whose face they are trying to analyze, be it their own or a friend’s, and then click on the analyze button in the screen. The app will then scan the person’s face and then compares each and every feature in the face followed by the detailed description of each element. The user can also save the readings for later use or evaluation or even a fun comparison. The main factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that when you take the picture of a person, ensure that the picture is perfect i.e. the app will not be able to analyze and give proper results if the person had closed their eyes or opened their mouth in the picture. The quality of the analysis will also go down if you have someone else in the picture background. It is essential that you need to take a close up picture of the person to get accurate results. Some of the unique features of this interesting app are:

  • The graphics of the app has been designed with great precision and it is also supports retina display.
  • The settings of the app can be modified. The options are ‘repeat’, ‘random’, and ‘serious’.
  • There is also a feature through which you can mail your readings to your friends and dear ones.
  • The app provides you with a detailed reading and also gives information about the person as a whole.
  • It is very easy to operate, so anyone can have fun with this app.
  • All the readings and information that are provided by the app is based on the real face reading techniques which the app uses to analyze the characteristics of any individual.


This app will surely save your trip to any fortune teller. Face reading Boot is a well-designed app that has been launched into the market after a lot of research carried out during its development. The app is available for just $ 0.99 at the App Store, so download and start having fun with the app.

Good – Interesting way to have fun with friends. The app also has a lot of features to explore.

Bad – The precision with which one has to take picture. However, with the quality of camera’s available today, this is rarely a problem.

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