Face Warp Camera : Taking Face Distortion to a New Level

by Dec 14, 20120 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Stoik Technology
Rating : 4
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Do you like messing with photos, especially with faces? But find Photoshop too complicated? Then here is a fabulous iOS app for you called Face Warp Camera that is just perfect for you. You can use it to distort any face you like in any way you like so that those who see it roll on the floor with laughter. Be they friends or family or just anyone you know, they will not be able to hold their laughter in when you use this camera for sure.

The app initself is quite simple but can do a lot. At its bottom, it has three tabs to switch between. The first allows you to toggle between the back camera and the front camera, the second is a camera key and the third is for effects so that you can fiddle all you want with your photos. The main effects include widening of eyes, twisting of one’s mouth, enlargement of nose and elongation of chin. And, there is no limit to how many of them you use at a time or how many times you use each. The end result will be so strikingly funny and so different that you won’t be able to draw a relation between the distorted image and the original.

Besides this great feature, what is really likeable about the app is that it is very intuitive. It can follow motion well and has face detection so that you won’t have to stand still and pose in order to take pictures. The number of effects is very limited though. Adding a few more like changing hair color and eye color and elongating or shortening ears would have made the app fantastic. With just these effects, you can do an amazing lot of stuff however so that you touch an entirely new level of face warping.

Also, its face recognition allows you to warp faces in real time so that you could make a person stand and pose for you while you busily work on warping his face with the Face Warp Camera. Get all your friends surprised and giddy with laughter with this real time face distortion and warping. And while you are busy manipulating faces, the person posing will not have the slightest clue about what you are up to behind the screen. To make things easier, there is a front and back camera. So, if you want to click pictures of yourself, then this task has been made simple for you.

Once you have manipulated a person’s face, you can even same the distorted image for future laughs. That is not all but. With this app, you can share your funny hilarious photos even on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with its integration into these social networks. Plus, this app is absolutely free.

So, if you wish to get a person laughing in no time and wish to see what your friends or colleagues would look like with a longer nose or huger eyes, then the Face Warp Camera is what you need.

Good: Has great features like face recognition, front and back camera

Bad: Very limited number of distortions available.

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