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Platform : iPad | iPhone
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When you are in need of something in an emergency or want to go out with friends but can’t think of a place to do so, then Facearound app for iPhone is the savior you need. And who better to tell you the best places than your friends whom you can trust blindly with knowing the place around. This app lets you review all kinds of places, ranging from discos to hotels to pubs to shops to restaurants and a lot more. Hear from your trusted friends if a place is worth being to and spending time at.

This app can be a boon when you are to a new place and need help from the locals but cannot find one. This is when you can take help from your friends who have been around the place and know it well. Plus, when you do not have much cash in your pocket and wish to know which places would suit your budget and are looking for the best deals and cheapest bargains, there is no better guide than your own friends. Facearound is what you need then. You do not even have to make your friends go all around the place with you and waste their precious time.

Working with this app is very simple. You need to log in to Facebook and set a location or simply let the app detect your present location. You will then get a view of all the places near that given place on a map. The places around have been marked in different colors to make things more convenient for you. While the orange ones give you the best deals, the blue ones are those reviewed by your own friends and the green ones are those reviewed by others on Facebook. You can go through reviews of your choice and select the best ones, while also submitting your own reviews to the list.

You could also go in for the list menu and compare ratings and reviews easily. Things have been made simple, easy and nice this way for you. The interface is highly intuitive an easy to navigate so that you can check all the various features and help others too. The whole tedious process of searching for reviews on Google has been cut short and made simple for you.  Accessing this app is extremely easy a process. All you have to do is to log in to your Facebook account and use the app without any registration at all.

However, the app is not very much near perfection as yet. The places that you get to view are the obvious ones and are not many really. The app reviews are not very reliable, definitely nowhere close to that of Google. The deals available are not too amazing either. Unless you have a good circle of friends on this app, it is not all that much worth the effort of joining the app. Else it is completely pointless to give the app a shot.

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