Falling Bowling – Fun Filled Game

by Jul 31, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Space Crescent LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, graphics
Negatives : None

It is all about the Falling Bowling ! This is clearly a fast-trending app game that has entered the game industry with a great impact. It is now for different ardent players to prove their prowess by covering greater distance downwards (the game actually involves a descending motion of bowling ball across different levels). Ready to take up the challenge? Players should be equipped with great skills that require speed and consistent attention. This will make one to sail through different levels that have been created and ultimately win great rewards. Interestingly, the structure of the game makes it easy for the player to maneuver the ball thus stand a chance of recording high scores.


How the Falling Bowling app works

Having been designed to offer an amazing experience, the player will discover that this game is quite user-friendly. The entire game mechanic applied makes the user to have an easy time playing this great game. When it comes to playing the game, at first the player is required to select the type of ball (in relation to its color) and start the descending journey of stretching to the furthest point.

Meanwhile, it is not a joyride to move across the levels! There are obstacles and different traps that can act as great hindrances to achieving the best results. The gameplayer needs to beware of them and evade them pretty fast. Also, the Falling Bowling app is designed to reward the player’s efforts due to the presence of numerous earnings (in form of coins). The player should attain high scores to start collecting more coins on the way!

Suitable Devices for the Falling Bowling

Currently, this amazing app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. This is because they have exhibited exceptional capabilities of supporting the operation of the Falling Bowling app. Besides, the user needs to possess iOS 6.0 or any latest version that can be accessed. This is meant to ensure that the performance of the app remains as per the expectations of the users.


Distinct Features found in Falling Bowling app

Compete and reach higher scores

Actually, the game comes along with a challenging experience that makes it worth competing. As a player, one can invite different friends using the social platform. The players can compete to determine who gets the highest score. Such kind of competition can highly assist in boosting the experience and skills of the player.

Powerup and get huge rewards

This amazing feature that has been recently integrated into the updated version is quite helpful; it highly assist the player to improve on the performance. Actually, the powerup is magnetic in nature thus the player gets an opportunity to amass huge number of earnings in form of the coins which are collected. It is absolutely worth trying it out!

Colorful design adopted

It is clear that the overall design applied by the developers of this app (Space Crescent LLC) is quite stunning. The colorful display from objects like the coins, levels and balls make the entire gameplay session fascinating. Besides, the graphics are highly defined with a 3D quality formation. Besides, the scenes are uniquely designed thus giving the game an entirely amazing outlook.

Acquire new characters and unique balls

The player has a great chance of acquiring new characters that are meant to boost the overall performance the player can achieve. On the other hand, a player can use the earnings gained from the collection of coins to upgrade and acquire different colorful balls to improve the taste of the game.

Effective game center

Apparently, Falling Bowling app has an up-to-date game center which keenly monitors the performance of this great app. The user can interact freely with the support center and give the rating in relation to the overall performance of the app. Besides, any update that is performed on the app is well communicated to the user to ensure that the app remain efficient.


Other Updated Features of Falling Bowling app game

The version 2.0 app has taken a step to highly improve on some features which include fixing the share button, adjusting the movement to make it much easier and fixing of the bug problem.

The Pros and Cons of the Falling Bowling app game


· Easy to navigate and control the balls

· Great performance exhibited

· Efficient sharing mode established

· Great display from the colorful designs

· Quite lively and captivating


· Quite challenging moving the ball across levels

· Performance slowdown due to infrequencies experienced


So far this 5-star rated game has proven to be worth downloading due to its high quality formation and output. With the adoption of great background sound, amazing design, sharing option and unique game interface, this clearly makes the Falling Bowling app an exceptional one. Thus it is absolutely recommendable for any ardent player ready to have a fun-filled moment. Get it today for free from the App Store and get into the game!

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