Fancy Applock | Privacy Wizard : App to Stop Intruders

by Oct 18, 20150 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : AnchorFree GmBH
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, screens, best features
Negatives : None

People are increasingly using their phones for other purposes other than just calling and sending texts. Android phones have given us a chance to diversify the purposes our phones with many amazing and exciting apps. However, this has created a need for app locks to help protect and safeguard private stuff that you don’t want them tempered with or accessed by other people. With a good android app lock software you can lock your private apps such as Whatsapp, messages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others.


Fancy Applock is one of the best free android apps for locking applications on your smartphone. It’s a fun app that’s very entertaining and easy to use. This application confuses intruders hence denying them access to private apps such as Viber, Skype, Gallery, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, among others. The app lock is designed to safeguard your phone so that you don’t have to worry about your phones privacy.


Fancy Applock protects your private applications in a very unique way. It presents users with a fake screen which no one else knows how to unlock other than you. It also has another security layer with extra app locks which include pattern locks and passcodes. This exciting android app comes with four cover options for hiding your apps, from which you can select one. However, it allows you change your choice from time to time. These cover options are;


  1. Voice Authentication Cover – It hides apps by presenting users with a fake voice activation screen. This is one of its outstanding features that is hard to find many app locks.
  2. Fingerprint Touch ID Cover – This cover requests a fake fingerprint verification from the user.
  3. Error Message Cover – This serves to fool users into thinking that an error has occurred hence avoid unnecessary disturbance.
  4. Unknown Caller Cover – This is an exciting feature whereby the app lock hides apps by displaying a fake incoming call.

Other notable features include

  • Photo Vault which hides and encrypts your photos as well as keeping them locked behind your passcode or pattern.
  • Advanced protection for preventing the Applock from being uninstalled.
  • Delay to lock – Fancy Applock does not require re-lock hence helps avoid frequent unlock and smoothing the app switches.


Therefore, Fancy Applock helps to add security and prevent friends and other intruders from accessing private stuff and apps in your phone. It keeps data and content safe and secure. It also helps to censor what your child sees on your phone by restricting access to online content.

Whereas it’s hard to prevent your friends, children or other intruders from taking your phone, denying them access to private stuff is very easy and has become paramount in order to protect and secure your content. Fancy Applock is the complete free app locker for protecting and safeguarding your stuff from access or damage. Having this app on your phone is security enough, hence, you don’t have to worry about your apps and other things you would like to keep private. Therefore, download Fancy Applock android app for any android smartphone to stop people from snooping on your privacy and secure your apps.

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