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Positives : FastandUp is the brand of choice for thousands of amateur and professional athletes and everyday people looking to meet nutritional needs worldwide
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Fast&Up is a Swiss nutrition brand founded in the heart of the Alps to bring about innovation in sports and active nutrition. We have ambitious goals to provide high-quality, innovative, and intelligent food to India. This includes everyone from elite athletes to people who enjoy an active lifestyle and want to change their current lifestyle and pivot to a more active one to achieve their personal health goals.

People now prefer an early morning run to an all-night party, thanks to the recent surge in people switching to a dedicated healthy lifestyle, and we provide the nutrition needed to bring about this change. After all, an active lifestyle cannot thrive in a skinny body.

FastandUp is the brand of choice for thousands of amateur and professional athletes and everyday people looking to meet nutritional needs worldwide. They ensure that all proprietary and patented products provide an excellent user experience, resulting in improved performance.

Key Aspects of Fast&Up                 

Fast&Up seriously thinks that physical activity is essential for an individual’s well-being. It is commonly assumed that active living entails a restricted lifestyle, but we believe in making your daily nutrition a fun experience through tasty, effervescent, and simple-to-use products. Many people, including national and international athletes in cricket, soccer, kabaddi, cycling, and athletics, prefer it as a nutritional supplement. Informed-Sport/Choice sends multiple products and batches to the UK for testing, making it the selected nutrition for the country’s elite athletes.

Fast&Up has a strategic partnership with the BCCI to supply essential products to its various teams and bodies, including the Indian International Team. The company also provides nutrition products to the IPL, Ranji Trophy Teams, IFLISL, Pro Volleyball League, TN Premier League, Pune FC, IBC Pro Boxing I league, Pro Kabaddi League, and many other leagues. FastandUp is a leading running nutrition brand associated with some of the best events in the country.

FastandUp has become India’s #1 nutrition brand for runners in just four years and is also the official energy drink partner for India’s most extensive runs, including the Tata Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, and many more. They collaborate with some of the country’s most elite athletes, coaches, celebrity nutritionists, and physiotherapists who have a vast knowledge of how to make active living an everyday ritual that can be a refreshing experience.

As more than a testimony to our impact in the nutritional world, The Economic Times named us the Best Health & Fitness Brand of 2019. Furthermore, the support of our brand ambassadors, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija and Indian cricketer Mayank Agarwal, has raised awareness of our intelligent nutrition, allowing us to nourish and fuel people across India.

Final Words

Moreover, they are energized to fuel a change that will make a difference in the world. They believe that active change, both inside and outside the body, improves lives rather than chance. They launched the Bottle For Change campaign, which encouraged our customers to help reduce the world’s rising carbon footprint by returning used Fast&Up plastic tubes to us, which we then forwarded to Bisleri International, which recycles the waste and transforms it into different usable forms.