Film Fish App: Discover and Enjoy

by Dec 16, 20160 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer : FilmFish LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives : none

Nothing brings great excitement than watching a favorite movie in a seamless and high quality platform. Besides, a convenient and easy-to-access film buff will not only make the experience super awesome but also reduce any distractions that may emerge. Now, the movie lovers have a reason to smile with the introduction of the highly improved Film Fish app. Designed and developed by FilmFish LLC, this fantastic app brings a unique and exceptional movie experience to its users. Interestingly, its movies are well-curated with high precision level to exceed the expectations of the film lovers.

Additionally, as a user, one is allowed to create personalized watchlist and even proceed to stream favorite movies from channels like HBO GO, Netflix and Prime. There is a wide selection of thousands of different genres to choose from. Actually, within a flicker of a second, the user will have discovered the right pick and click the button “watch now” to get started. This has truly made this app the best movie discovery tool one can come across. It is time to find the next fascinating film with this amazing app!


Getting Started with Film Fish app

This app has been designed with an amazing user interface that makes the movie search quite simple. First, one needs to type the name of the favorite movie to watch. Surprisingly, this amazing Fish Film app also offers more similar options of related movies that one can also watch. The search is mostly based on how captivating such movies are to the user. With the presence of different categories, it becomes easier to locate a favorite movie. Whether it is about watching action-packed Tarantino-Esque or a romantic-filled movie, all has been catered by the Film Fish app.

Another interesting thing is that the user gets a unique opportunity of accessing both free and paid subscription streaming services simultaneously. It becomes quite easy to browse across different channels without the need to flick from one to another. Through filtering of similar films, one can be able to manage the available subscriptions and even get a chance to enjoy more free movies from the selected options. This is a chance that one cannot wish to miss indeed!

Compatibility of Film Fish app

The entire formation of this high quality app makes it exceptionally high performing. It provides seamless browsing that comes with great display. This implies that the user will need to adopt a strong device to efficiently support its operations. Currently, the recommended devices include iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. In relation to the operating system, iOS 8.0 or any latest version is required.

Here are the notable features that one will come across on the Film Fish app:

Simultaneous access to browsing subscriptions

It becomes quite inconvenient flicking from one channel to another, for instance, moving from Netflix, Prime and then to HBO GO. How about browsing the available subscriptions at the same time on the same platform? This sounds quite interesting and saves greatly on time. Film Fish has been designed in a unique way to offer its users one-time browsing subscriptions in an exceptional manner. As a user, one just need to select the favorite movie, click “Watch now” and the streaming get started!

Fascinating and well-curated categories of movies

Getting numerous options and categories of movies to choose from makes it easy for one to select the favorite ones. There will always be the best category for one to watch! Film Fish app has taken that consideration by providing thousands of curated categories of movies. They represent different moods and interests that can best make the entire movie experience amazing. This truly makes Film Fish the best movie library worth visiting!


Establish a watchlist and personal film diary

There are fascinating movies that one may want to spend some time watching them later, right? To ensure that they are kept on record, Film Fish offers a chance to save them under the watchlist option. This makes it easy to retrieve them at the convenient time for watching. Besides, one may opt to keep a good record of movies already watched. Being an ardent movie lover can earn an individual some complements from friends indeed. Truly, such an experience will always be worth sharing!

Check below for the Pros and Cons that noted in this Film Fish app:


· Numerous movie categories to choose from

· High quality display and design

· Customized diary and watchlist

· Easy browsing of subscriptions at once

· Movies tailored to interests and passions


· Mild profanity and crude humor

· Mild simulated gambling

Final Verdict

Film Fish has come out as one of the largest movie libraries in the world. It has been on the forefront in offering well-curated movies that meet and exceed customer’s expectations. This is evident by adoption of amazing features such as curated movie categories, simultaneous browsing on different subscriptions and a chance to create a watchlist and watching history. Its quality graphics and seamless browsing makes the entire movie experience super awesome. Thus, it is a fantastic app worth downloading. Get it today for free on the App Store and get into movie watching mood!

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