Flaming 7s Slot Machine Free : Enjoy Fun of Vegas

by Mar 19, 20130 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Leetcom
Rating : 4
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Flaming 7s Slot Machine Free is one of those rare slot machines that provides you with the authentic casino experience, creating the ambience of a casino on your device screen. And unlike most others, it is completely free. While other slot machines might claim to be free, they require you to pay for credits and more levels. But this is not the case with the android app Flaming 7s Slot Machine Free. It is a very realistic app that you are sure to get addicted to in no time.

The background sound sets the mood just right. The developers have put in quality research into the graphics so that the players might feel the world of Vegas come alive in front of their eyes without actually going there. In order to please the players, some slot machines might let you win every time but this is not the case with this one. In order to invoke the real Vegas experience, not every spin is yours. It works on the concept of pay-outs derived from Vegas.

Flaming 7s Slot Machine Free features on the top on list of casino gaming slots for your Android device. There is so much that you get for free- free coins, splendid graphics and also very low load time. It is for those times when you cannot go to a slot machine due to a busy schedule but still want to get the feel of a casino. This app will provide you this while on the go.

Most free apps are full of ads. But Flaming 7s Slot Machine Free is an exception. There are no ads, unlike what is expected. The payout system is unique and a lot of fun, having numerous bonuses and jackpots to be won. The basic layout of the payout is that of the progressive payout methos. There are icons to double your payout and a lot more features. The size of the jackpot is unlimited, adding to the fun and excitement factor all the more.

To see yourself against other players in the world, there is a worldwide leaderboard. This gives you a glimpse into your rank and the number of credits to be won to move on to the next rank. If you do not like the music, there is an option of disabling it from the main menu. Also, you can swipe your screen at any point in the game to view your list of payouts. There is also a high score list, to which you can submit your high scores as well.

Flaming 7s Slot Machine Free does not involve any real money or investment. All the money used in this game is digital money, so that you are not at any loss from this app. All of this without ads and without having to risk your hard-earned money in any way. The casino slots have blasting music and great graphics that effectively transmit you to the land of Vegas. The user interface is very user-friendly and simple, making it very easy to follow.

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