Flashlight by Apalon Apps– an Emergency savior

by Jun 26, 20160 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : Apalon Apps
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Graphics
Negatives : None

Flashlights are tend to be part of our regular life. If you are a frequent traveler then it’s a must to carry tool during your trips. Most people love to go outing with friends and camping in the night. During such camping trips Flashlight is an essential tool we should always take with us. Even in the household you never know when you will need a flashlight. There may be some situation where you are stumbled in the dark in search of something you may have lost. We cannot always carry a flashlight in our hand. In modern era almost everybody carry smartphones in their hand. When you can customize your smartphone itself to act as a smart device then you don’t need any additional tools. Thinking all these needs in mind Apalon apps has come up with an android app named Flashlight which is smart enough to replace the regular flashlight in your household.


Flashlight by Apalon apps is not just like any other regular flashlights. It has several smart features to empower your smart phone into an emergency savior device. With a regular flashlight tool you have to strive hard to send an SOS flashlight signal during emergency situations and not everybody knows the morse code to send the signal properly, but Apalon apps has made this very simple by developing a built-in SOS signal option within their Flashlight app. It’s sends proper SOS flashlight signals so that anybody can easily decrypt that signal and send immediate help.


In addition to the SOS signal option the Flashlight app acts a regular flashlight using the smartphone’s LED camera flash light or using the screen brightness. The screen light mode is available for the devices which doesn’t have the LED camera flash light. Rather than being a normal flashlight it allows you to create blinking signals in 9 different frequencies. The frequency of blinking/flashing increases as we go up the number from 1-9. It’s a very effective and useful application for most travelers who hesitate to carry a physical flashlight tool.


The look and feel of app is very colorful. If the flashlight is in off mode then the app background color will be black. When you turn on the flashlight and set the frequency to 0 for a steady stream of light then the background color of the app will turn into blue color which is very attractive. When you swipe to adjust the flashlight to the 9 blinking frequencies then the background color turns into yellow color. The background color turns into a hot pink color when you set the frequency to send SOS signals. Kudos to the colorful creativity of the developers.

The best part of this flashlight app is that, it is very light weight with just 3MB of size. Since it uses the flashlight LED of camera or the Screen brightness there is huge possibility that it might drain your smartphone battery charge pretty quickly. Other than that this app seems to serve the purpose of it’s design.

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