FlexClip – Online Video Editor

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Genre : Business
Platform : Web
Developer : Flex Clip
Rating : 4.7
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Negatives : Nothing

FlexClip is a reputed online video editor designed for beginners. This video editing software adeptly allows you to actively create stunning videos quickly. FlexClip editor is about effortless acumen and creativity, with relevant hundreds of video templates, motion presets, and an exclusive stock footage library.

It would be best if you didn’t actually have to be a pro to make good slideshows, invitations, video essays, vlogs, ads, or promo videos. You’re set to go with FlexClip’s features.

FlexClip Advantages

FlexClip actively allows you to create quickly, convert, edit, and compress videos. What the programme can do is as follows:

Video Editing Tools                  

The video editing software is wholly divided into sections for various editing tasks.

FlexClip Video Maker

If you actually go to the website’s video maker, you’ll actually find a simple workspace where you can adeptly create a video from scratch or templates. The workflow is termed a storyboard and actively employs linear video editing.

Files from your computer, hard drive, or memory card can be imported. Moreover, you can search FlexClip’s extensive media library for content. The reputed FlexClip video editing process is simple and quick. You can insert post-production elements such as text, shapes, transitions, and other special effects with simple drag-and-drop and one-click controls. Basic video manipulation is simple because you can actually adjust the speed, lighting, and orientation. Its rules for slow-motion and flashforward are especially spectacular. Once completed, click the popular FlexClip export button to download your rendered video in minutes.

FlexClip Video Trimmer

You can actually trim specific video parts with reputed  FlexClip by dragging your cursor. You can wholly get adeptly creative with the software by using a jump cut, cutaway, axial cut, match cut, smash cut, parallel cut, or cross-cut.

FlexClip Video Merger

It’s always been more complex to combine videos. You can upload your images or videos at once, arrange them actively in a sequence, and you’re actually done.

FlexClip Video Converter

Video conversion is more than just qualitatively changing the relevant format of a file. FlexClip video enhancer is the top solution for figuring out how to adeptly resize video on FlexClip or change its respective resolution. It adeptly permits you to select from custom sizes suitable for smartphones, computer screens, and tablets and customize them.

You can also use this relevant tool to actively reduce the resolution of a relevant digital video or photo if it is too huge. FlexClip has the best file compatibility for wholly editing, converting, or compressing videos, despite its limitations. You can actually upload and wholly export video and image files in various formats, including MOV, MP4, WEBM, WAV, M4V, JPEG, and PNG.

Voice and Screen Recorder

The FlexClip Screen Recorder Tool is the best ideal for demonstrating new software or creating instructional videos. It wholly captures your screen activity and incorporates it as relevant video content into your storyboard, as the name actually implies. It functions as both an editor and a recorder simultaneously, permitting you to speak while filming or add a voice-over.

Motion Graphics

If you’d like to wholly spice up your video with special effects, FlexClip has you wholly covered. FlexClip, unlike non-linear editing systems, permits you to add video choreography with a single click. The motion impact presets and controls in FlexClip will adeptly enable you to include moving shapes, texts, and icons. The transition effects actually built in are ideal for reputed slideshows and video presentations.

Templates for FlexClips

What makes the software so user-friendly? In the video editor, you can select from pre-made video sequences with instant videos and text compositions, photos, effects, transitions, and more. The relevant templates are classified into several categories, including Personal Video, Business Video, Social Media Video, Music Video and Marketing Video.

Personal Video

FlexClip is the best place to go if you actually wish to combine your photos and relevant video clips into one fantastic video. It can also be wholly used to create video invitations and save the dates.

Final Words

If you’re looking for essential editing software, this is a much better quality option than free video editors like Windows Movie Maker. You get more tools, simple reputed templates, and an enormous library of royalty-free content.