Fling : Message and Socialize all over the World

by Sep 19, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Unii Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, screens, graphics, concept
Negatives : none

The fling -iphone app is a great free application for iphones formulated for messaging and socializing all-over the world. It is the exiting way of sharing one’s life’s moments with the other people. One can fling a text message, a video or a photo of themselves or any features around. You can follow the people you like and they will refling back to seal this friendship. One can only access this app by downloading.


Steps of installing the fling app on iphones.First, download the correct app from the app-store. After finishing to download, tap on it to initiate the installation process. Just after finishing to install, it brings an “OPEN” or “UNINSTALL” option where one is required to OPEN and start signing up. Signing up guarantees the user membership and anytime they want to use this app, they are only required to log-in with their emails and passwords.


The features.This app is elegant and simple and it may also be addictive. This fling app features an innovative and a unique way of sending messages and chatting with people worldwide. Addiction is as an outcome of an interesting app and an awesome functioning messenger that makes the users to use it as many times as they would wish.
It also features a photo taking and video recording button where one presses it to acquire a picture or a video that is instantly shared on fling. Sharing pictures worldwide promotes socialization where people interact through making comments on the shared items. There also features an additional caption on the taken video or photo explaining what you were up-to when you took them.


It features a home icon that when clicked, it enables one to view either the “INBOX” feature that shows the time and all the new messages, videos or pictures that were sent by your fling pals or the “REPLIES” feature that shows all the responses or replies made to your messages or other posts. One needs to click “Double tap to reply” or “Hold to view”.

This app also features real time location where when an individual sends a message to any pal with the Google map’s GPA on, it is designed to show the current location of that message sender. This is very important since it ensures the users are transparent. For instance, one disclosing a wrong location can easily be confirmed from the maps so keen users can never lie about their locations.

This app also features new bugfixes and optimizations that are created to minimize on the crashes. This helps to improve the app. This was created after many complains made by the fling users on the app’s reviews about it’s crashing and hanging of the video clips.
How to use the fling app.First, the user is required to sign-up or log-in if they are already members then take a video, a picture or write a message or a caption that would describe any of the posts. This then follows up flinging it to the world where up to 50 people will access it and reply if they feel the posts are very attractive or funny. This promotes interaction because it is through replying to the posted pictures, videos and messages that people get to know one another. This gives one a relaxed mind with the knowledge that someone somewhere either appreciated their beauty or their surrounding. This shows your friends are living your moment.

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