flowkey: Learn Piano- Sing a Different Tune

by Sep 16, 20160 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : Android
Developer : flowkey
Rating : 4
Positives : concept, easy to use, UI
Negatives : none

Whether you are 12 or 50, at some point in your life, you may have wanted to learn how to play piano. But because it seems too difficult, you put the thought away and focus on something else. Personally, I prefer to simply sit with a musical instrument and find my own way around it, but if you’re looking for a slightly more formal way of learning how to play the piano, then I would very much recommend you this amazing app.

Flow Key is an app which helps you to learn piano the fun way, with the songs you love. It plays along with the songs immediately using your own piano. You just have to put your tablet on the piano. This app is compatible with any Android tablet having the latest version of Operating System.


It is one of the fresh apps that I’ve seen recently. The concept is very nice. It’s graphics are very intuitive. The background theme is lovely which will encourage you to play piano again and again. The video tutorials are fully HD and the pixel perfect music will surely steal your heart. Earlier, on a traditional piano you played only one tune at a time. But you can browse through hundreds of great piano songs from classical to pop music in this app. Start with the difficult or the easy one, the choice is ultimately yours. It slows down songs and can loop any section of the song. This app helps you to save your favourite songs so that you can hear them later.


With the help of Flowkey, it will be easier for you to learn how to play piano through interactive step-by- step lessons. The app tracks your progress, but not in a traditional way. There is no virtual piano keyboard displayed on it. You just have to play on your own piano with a single hand or using both the hands. It will automatically detect the notes you play without any cable attached to it. The app includes flow, slow and practice modes of learning music. In every mode, there is a video of the piano that auto-highlights all the keys which should be pressed. You can also watch the live performance of songs played by a piano teacher and have fun.

On the whole, this app appears to be a very solid development and you can clearly see that the developer has ensured an entertaining and engaging learning experience to keep you coming back for more apps. This is a wonderful app that will serve you very well. It’s goal is simple and a grown-up solution to learn piano.

Flowkey is free to download and use. There are many songs available in the free version. However, it is subscription based if you want to access all the songs. You can buy Flowkey premium which is $19.99 @ one-month, $38,99 @ three-months and $119,99@ one-year.

Pros: recognizes note and chord via microphone; HD videos and music; slow and practice modes; step-by-step lessons; real time app; free.

Cons: There is nothing negative to say about this app.

Worth Having App – Download the App