Fluttabyes – Chlidren and Adults Love to play

by Jul 14, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, UI, graphics
Negatives : none

There are endless games promises to be simple and addictive. Well, you will agree with that after playing this game. Time flies when you play this game. The design, nature and sounds in the game are so immersive and relaxing, to an extent even after completing the game the soothing music reverberates in your head. The achievement of this game is, it relaxes you completely and feels good when you are playing and even after the game is over.


Ok how this game goes on:

Fluttabyes is a fun game that is simple yet engaging. It is really gardening experience, soothing sounds, natural and colorful to your eyes. It is a nice natural setting where butterflies get stuck into the spider web. You will be helping these butterflies to break out from the spider web and fly away.

You have to match butterflies of the same color within the set time to help butterflies fly away. If you are able to match more than 6 butterflies, you earn ladybird as the bonus and more than 9 earns you magical rainbow butterfly. You can play in more than 4 locations and in multiple game modes.


The modes are:
1. Survival – In survival mode you are challenged with the time limit. The dandelion will show your time. If all the dandelion flies over, then your game is over.
2. Endless – There is no end to your game unless you quit. Keep matching the butterflies and enjoy the relaxation.
3. Solitaire – In Solitaire mode it is the ability to free not one but all the butterflies.
4. Drop – In drop mode you have to survive the continuous drop of butterflies to know how long you can survive.
5. Rush – In the rush you are challenged to earn the highest score within just 60 seconds. It is like Jame’s bond completing his operation within the set deadline.


Feel the game:

The feel of the game is very smooth and gentle. It is as smooth as a butterfly. You don’t feel you are addicted to the game. It draws you in, and I remember in my younger days I forget time and run behind butterflies to catch different colors of butterflies in the park near to our house. You get the same kind of feeling when playing the game.

The game is relaxing, casual yet gripping. The look of the game is very colorful. It is eye feasting. You know butterflies are loved for their colorfulness, and I think you can imagine how a game of butterflies will look like. You can play across four beautiful countryside summer locations.

The gameplay is made up of a square-shaped area. The area is with multiple colored butterflies. When you make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of four or more butterflies, they get freed up from the screen. It helps you increase your focus, matchmaking ability and more importantly helps you learn not to give up attitude.

How is it different from other games?

I would say the game is absolutely marvelous, and it is a game which lifts you up. It is unlike other games, which are either only for children or adults. It is a game for both children and adults. I recommend not just children but even adults to try the game, and I am sure they would take turns with their children to play whenever they get free time.

I feel the $1.99 price tag for the game is worth it. It is the game which stimulates both your right brain as well as the left brain with its colorful interface and testing of matchmaking skills challenging and rewarding and taking you in a journey of butterfly chasing and matching.

In essence, Fluttabyes is the game both child

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