Flyp : Letting You Use Up To Six Phone Numbers In Your iPhone

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Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Flypsi Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, screen, UI, and concept
Negatives : none

You probably do not call your clients and your friends from the same phone number. Also likely, you would wish to make and receive calls using almost five different numbers if you have complex communication network. There is enough reason for this mode of communication. It makes it possible to prioritize, compartmentalize and manage our communication.


This flexibility is now possible through iPhone the Flyp app. Flyp is an iOS app that makes it possible to have up to 6 different phone numbers active simultaneously in the same iPhone. The Flyp allow the first number for free but charges for the subsequent number per month. Flyp app conveniently manages all the numbers, text messages, notifications, and voicemails


The app, cofounded by Peter Reinfret, Ivan Zhidor, Jeff Stark and Bob Cleaving, was released early 2015. Flyp is under plans to add more functionality and be used the whole world.

The app features serve the current multi-faceted communication lives, the app enables to control communication inflow and outflow of a conversation by definition of the communication path for each party. Each number will be operational for as long as you pay the monthly charges for each number after the first one. Each premium number charges are $ 2.99 a month, which translates to $29.99 a year.


Flyp app makes it possible to have separate phone numbers to be tagged to family contact, school contact, and work contacts. The app allows filtering who can call you and when they can call you. For example, you can put the family number on ‘do not disturb’ mode but leave the work number available or vice versa. This will bar any family member to reach you, but work mates can reach you.

The app offers a quick reply when you do not want to answer a call, the app allows you the feature not to let it to voicemail, but you can then make a text to voice quick reply. The quick reply message can be customized for each number. This saves you from the rude normal messages saying, “ I am currently busy”

Importantly, messaging and the intention behind this app is completely busy from any other iPhone available number app, which have somewhat ambiguous uses, Flyp numbers are permanent as long as you can maintain them.

Flyp functionality is incredible, each premium line can be configured with a different voicemail greeting, as the premium numbers have the functionality just like a main number. You can text from each number using the same smartphone. The app pride of sophisticated capability to handle each incoming call for each line.

Flyp offers a text to speech call assistance, this especially useful when you are busy and cannot talk at the moment, you can request them to expect your call later. But for a persistent telemarketer “please stop calling me” can be a good response to push to them.

The app only allows you to only add a local number, no foreign numbers. Flyp features push to an easily and cheaply, make it possible to keep the professional and personal communication lives separately. The app is currently is only available in the US, but plans are underway to expand it internationally, the app is live in the iOS Store.

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