Flyreel- Social messaging redefined

by Oct 23, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Myfactals Inc
Rating :
Positives : Videos are stored on cloud
Negatives : none

Videos are the in-thing today. They are easy to create, share and edit and also convey a lot more information via sight and sound both. While text and emojis can be used to convey a message, the same can be done better via video. After all, words can be deceiving or may be interpreted in the wrong way. The same does not apply to videos. This is owing to the sound, body language and feelings it conveys through both sight and sound. As humans living in a 3D world, videos seem to be the obvious means of communication. This is why the iOS app Flyreel was developed.


The concept of Flyreel is very simple and basic. Videos are being adopted by everyone these days owing to their ease of use. Flyreel takes videos to the next level by allowing users to send video messages and also add on to the video in the form of a response. A series of videos added one to another form a reel relating to a topic. It’s like watching a conversation take place between a set of people.


Flyreel combines the best of YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, messaging and social apps. It is a video-based social app in essence. It allows you to post and share videos with friends publicly or privately. A public message shows up like a status update while a private message is more like a personal chat. It follows the model of Twitter where people can follow others and view their videos. The responses are also in the form of videos that are added onto the existing video. It is one of the easiest to use social applications that you will come across. All you have to do is record a video that is a maximum of 1 minute in length and share it with people of your choice.


Besides just connecting with people, it is also a great way to spend leisure time. you can interact with others and browse a host of videos posted on the app. There are so many social videos that you are sure to never get bored. If you wish to share a video with only a certain group of people, you could try out the group messaging feature. To provide connectivity and continuity, videos and their responses are stitched together into the form of a single reel. This way, the sheer number of videos will not overwhelm you.

Flyreel is available for free download in the App store. It requires iOS 8.0 or higher versions and 22.8 MB of free memory space on your iOS device. The good news is that the videos created using the app are not stored locally on your device. Instead, they are stored on the cloud, saving you the tension of keeping a check on the space on your device. You can keep making and sharing videos without having to care about any constraints in terms of memory space.

Flyreel is a revolutionary app that is here to change the way we communicate with one another online. All said and done, it is one that you must try out!

Good: Videos are stored on cloud

Bad: None

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