Free Crystal Match Swap – Game Review

by Apr 3, 20200 comments

Genre : puzzles
Platform : Android
Developer : 40 Thieves
Rating : 4
Positives : Puzzle game
Negatives :

The tumult for organizing and impacting distinctive stones, valuable stones or regular items has been going around for a long time. As showed by an assessment, such games give clear upgrades in spatial improvement like spatial discernment and the mental ability to work in multi-dimensions. Playing these games has become the most popular way to get connected with people by sharing your scores on the web and waging game wars with your buddies, getting them out of a tight spot and being helped when you need it. It generally grows an increasingly cheerful bond among mates and lets them get related on a virtual level. These games also improve your concentration power and the creativity of your brain.

Developed by:

Free Crystal Match Swap’ was developed and offered by ’40 Thieves’ on Google Play Store.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Free Crystal Match Swap’ mobile app on your smart phone or other compatible devices. Now open the game on your device and enjoy the never ending battle against you and your friends as you share with each other your scores through social media and have a blast of a time. Enjoy beating level after level using all kinds of special power ups and boosters that helps you as you progress through the game and reach the difficult levels. Use your fingers to swap the crystals and the bombs to have a great game play.

Features of the app:

‘Free Crystal Match Swap’ has many alluring features that make it a great mobile based game. Some of the prominent features of the game are listed down here.

  • Endless game play
  • Exciting power ups and effects
  • Reach the game target
  • Play and enjoy as many crystal challenges as you are willing to.

Compatible with: