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Platform : Android
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I’ve been a fan of fantasy novels and comics, especially the ones related to aliens and the unknown universe. Have you watched the documentary, The Big Bang Theory? It’s probably the best sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen. What’s more interesting about the universe is that you know it exists somewhere, but you don’t exactly know the truth. The curiosity is what drives us to discover more and it’s not based on facts rather actual proof. So, I also keep looking for some similar astronomical games in the Play Store and thankfully, I succeeded this time ending up with Galactic.

Galactic is the recently released Android app that has been developed by Andronova Mobile. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or later version of the OS. It’s not just the name that makes it astronomical, rather the inter-galactic gameplay that I liked about it. There are lots of shining stars and asteroids that are nothing less than a space program by NASA.

The game is about getting bigger and bigger and exploring the universe. There are two gaming modes: Skill and Sandbox. The skill mode consists of 60 different levels of gameplay. They are challenging and take you straight into the field. There are different puzzles which you have to solve but quickly. The Sandbox mode is more like a career where your aim is to enlarge yourself from a small meteor to as big as a black hole.

The gameplay is very similar to Angry Birds as you have to launch one into another. I liked that the developers kept the Skill mode as challenging and interesting as the Sandbox. It is very often found that the quick mode is treated nothing more than a training session where you hone your skills for the career mode. But here you need to be as accurate as the other option or you’ll be stuck on to the same level.

The graphics of the app are amazing. You can feel the brightness of the stars being reflected in your eyes. I won’t say that it’s similar to a picture taken by a space shuttle, but the graphics are pretty sharp and clear to depict the true picture of the space. The difficulty is mediocre but rightly balanced. The app reminds me of the Star Wars. Also, the way it takes into account all the different objects, it’s very informative as well.

Though the app is regularly priced at $1.99, it is exclusively available at just $0.99 on a 50% discount for a limited period of time. It is a very good offer as you are getting 60 levels of gameplay which are enough to kill hours of your boring day time. Also, the app is universally compatible and can be played on any device no matter how big it is. But it is obvious that the bigger it is, the more is fun. I would recommend this app to everyone.

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