GameOn by Korrio- Never miss an important sports update

by Oct 18, 20150 comments

Genre : Sports
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Korrio Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : Easy to use interface
Negatives : None

Sports is often time a binding factor for many. Missing out on updates can be quite a disaster. This is where the iOS app GameOn by Korrio comes into the picture. This app, developed by ensures that you do not miss out on a single sports update from anyone. All you have to do is broadcast on the app. Never miss out on a sports update from family or friends again.


This app helps you create your personal sports network. You can create a host of custom channels based on sport, team or players and schedule, organize and follow up on those. It brings together everyone you need to keep in touch with- including parents, fans, managers, coaches, sports administrators, and players- under a single umbrella. It basically takes your passion for sports to a whole new level, ensuring that you do not miss out on it in the midst of your busy schedule.


The essence of the app lies in sharing game highlights in an easy and convenient manner with all those that matter. It comes with a broadcasting tool alongside a score board and comments. The score board is very easy to update and track while the comments field allows you to add pictures and more to your updates. The app eliminates the need for emails, multiple texts or posts on social networks. Everything with regards to sports is aggregated in one place for you. Inviting family and friends is as easy as can be so that no one misses out on any critical updates.


Followers on a channel can share anything from updates to scores to commentaries to pictures with ease. Game players can connect with their fans in no time. Each follower has a personal profile to chat and connect with fans and players on the channel. This way, everyone stays involved in the game and glorious moments in the game.

The app has a beautiful interface that will immediately appeal to your senses. Besides, it is easy to navigate and find your way about the app. Sailing through the app is comfortable and convenient. It is made for people of all ages. Critical moments of live matches can be captured via the user-friendly interface. Anyone who misses the match due to any reason can get live updates and feeds through notifications. It is important to stay updated and keep in touch with loved ones at important moments.

Although the joy of being physically present during the match of a loved one is unmatchable, it may not be possible to do so at all times. It is in such moments that this app comes into the picture. The app helps you relive special moments and brings matches to life.

GameOn by Korrio is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, requiring iOS 8.1 or higher versions and 10.2 MB. Working with the app is very easy and convenient and anyone can use it, irrespective of the age. This app helps in forming your personal sports networks and keeping in touch with important ones.

Good: Easy to use interface

Bad: None

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