Gametime – Fair and Speedy Ticket Booking App

by Jul 27, 20150 comments

Genre : Sports
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, screen, speed. concept
Negatives : none

Gametime is a mobile-ticketing app that offers last-minute, on demand tickets to your favorite sports. Considered the top rated ticketing app, Gametime is available on iOS, Apple as well as Android watches. Gametime, with its huge selection of sports teams, is available in more than 35 markets of U.S and Canada, and has brought a whole new angle to the experience of purchasing tickets at the last minute. Gametime deals with every aspect of ticketing, right from the sifting and curation of best view seats, to presenting an easy way of two-swipe ticket purchase process coupled to a quick mobile delivery system. Gametime has no doubt been instrumental in connecting millions of sports fans to real-time sports-watching events, in an instant and hassle-free way.



Gametime has reinvented the ticket purchasing experience by bringing improved features of speed, value and convenience to its users. It comes with the following features:

  • Gametime works well in several time zones and is functional in more 35 different cities and 60 venues in total. With this app, one can purchase tickets for all kinds of sports like NFL, NCAAF, MLB, MLS, NBA as well as NHL.
  • This app lists the ticket availability of several games and allows purchase of up to twenty tickets within one second of real time.
  • Gametime has just updated its free mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android systems, and includes a ‘real time refresh’ that is truly dynamic. This enhances user convenience, as the tickets to their favorite game are merely a swipe away.
  • Gametime features panoramic in game views of different seats, thus making it easier to choose seats that provide best view of the game. By showcasing a bird’s eye view of stadium or field, it allows one to determine whether the booked seat is on the sideline or right up to the nosebleeds





  • Gametime lends a very smooth ticket-purchase experience to the users, at the convenience of wherever the user can access their mobile device.
  • Since it features several locations, its benefits may be harnessed by numerous sports fans for viewing their favorite team in action. One can choose the location and proceed to make a quick free registration to view ticket listings for different matches.
  • Each individual ticket listed in the app features complete details of seat location indicator, discount price, in-seat view and the stadium’s aerial view indicating position of the seat. This enables one to make correct ticket choices.
  • After selection of tickets, a prompt addition of credit card details along with a swipe is all that is needed to acquire tickets to the game. These tickets are delivered to the user in the digital form, which does not require printouts and thus entails instant delivery.





  • The discount details are not described correctly for all the tickets. However, the app offers a unique feature called ‘Best Price Guarantee’ which promises to pay users, the difference, if the latter finds cheaper tickets after purchase. Such a feature guarantees the best of deals.
  • The Gametime team should work on the layout of their mobile app, as it is too cluttered and the arrows indicating number of games and tickets are not prominent enough.

The Final Verdict

All in all, Gametime is an app provides features that are par excellence. It combines all aspects of ticket purchasing in a single platform, and makes the entire affair very speedy, convenient and cheap. With no hang-ups or irritating subscriptions to pester, this app is surely a delight for purchasing last-minute tickets.

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