geographiQ- A fun way to improve your geography and IQ

by Jun 23, 20150 comments

Genre : Trivia
Platform : Android
Developer : AppForMore AB
Rating : 4
Positives : 50/50 option, huge number of games
Negatives : none

As a kid, I had a unique hobby- collecting stamps from across the world. The collection kept growing rapidly and I didn’t grow tired of it easily. Each time I got a stamp of a new country, I tried to learn more about it. The variation in culture and lifestyle of people fascinated me a lot. This fascination died with age. However, thanks to the Android app geographiQ, this fascination has been aroused again.


geographiQ is a fun filled way to learn more about geography, irrespective of whether you are a beginner of have some prior knowledge. It is an easy to play game that will help you improve your geography skills tremendously. Developed by AppForMore AB, this app brings to you a variety of games, all centred on improving your knowledge. You will not even realise when your knowledge of the world and IQ improves, thanks to this game.


The app encompasses the whole world, quite literally. It has a user interface that includes all the six continents, ensuring that you do not feel left out, regardless of which part of the world you belong to. It is a universal app that can be played by just anyone. To narrow things down further, it has states, provinces and capital cities of certain countries. This way, you just have to take a glance at the map and you’ll know about the major cities across the globe. To test these skills, you can take a game based on countries of any continent of your choice. A good way to learn would be to try out a quiz on a country that you do not know much about and learn along. Besides just the capitals, the app is equipped with flags of every country in the world.


The range and variety of fun this app offers is indeed something. There are about 50 unique games made available to you through a single app interface. To pick the right choice among the four choices given to you, you just have to look at the highlighted area shown on the map and pick your choice of answer. The app is entirely based offline, which means that your answers are processed faster. If you are unable to pick an answer, then you can go for the 50/50 option. This option eliminates two wrong answers, leaving you with one correct answer and one wrong answer.

When you initially install the app, you are allowed 10 free clicks on the 50/50 button. Once you use up all of these, you can switch to the pro version of the app which allows 50 more clicks and complete removal of ads for just Rs. 120 or $2. Additionally, there are optional in app purchases to help you out too. The app requires Android 4.0 or higher versions and 28 MB of free space. Besides these, it is completely free of cost, although the number of 50/50 clicks is limited. All said and done, this app is an excellent way to improve your IQ and knowledge of the world.

Good: 50/50 option, huge number of games

Bad: None

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