Gesturely – An App to Save Your Time

by Sep 22, 20150 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : concept, screens, easy to use
Negatives : none

While texting or sending an email people often have to repeat certain phrases or numbers. Sometimes people need to send their email addresses or home phone numbers to different people every day. It can be a bit annoying and time consuming to type it on the small smartphone or tablet keyboard repeatedly. Papertelevision LLC has launched an app for iOS devices that allow users to use save their precious time by not having to type these phrases over and over again.


�Gesturely- Password Safe Gesture Keyboard’ is a small app that takes only 6.4 MB space that can allow people to save their time by storing common phrases with different gestures. For example, if a user needs to text his email address to various people every day, he can assign his email address to a certain gesture of his making. While texting, he can open the Gesturely- Password Safe Gesture Keyboard and just do the gesture in that keyboard and at once his email address will pop up in the text. It is much easier to draw the gesture in the comparatively larger keyboard of Gesturely than the default keyboard of Apple.


This handy little app is not only useful for texting; it can be used for anything that requires the phone or tablet’s keyboard. Which means Gesturely can be used to browse the web, send emails, make notes and reminders or chatting on social media. The phrases will be stored with their unique gesture within the mobile device itself, not to an online server. This means that Gesturely can be used without any Internet connection whatsoever.


It is understandable that a lot of users will be worried about the safety of the app as they might store a lot of sensitive information by using various gestures. The users can be rest assured that as the name of the app suggests, a user created password would protect it. So if the mobile device gets lost or stolen or falls upon wrong hands, the user’s information will be safely protected behind a password.

The app can be found in Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The requirement for the app to run is minimum iOS 8.0. After downloading the app, the user will be prompted to choose a password for protection. This password will be required to peek into Gesturely Library which will allow the users to check their assigned information and which gesture they are assigned to. This app is especially helpful for those who work in tech support or customer care section using their iPad or iPhone. There are certain phrases they have to use repeatedly for this type of work. Using Gesturely, they can put up those messaged onto the chat board with a slight move of the finger in a second.

Overall, it is a great app to have in a mobile device for those who have to repeat phrases in every day life. It saves a lot of time and eliminates chances of spelling mistake while trying to type very fast or on the move. Paying 1.99$ is absolutely worth it for the time it saves.

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