Get Answers To What is Reflected on Photo With Clairvoyant CAKKHU

by Jun 19, 20160 comments

Genre : Photography
Platform : Android
Developer : NAMA
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics
Negatives : none

Ever thought of an app that perfectly gives the correct answer for what is captured in a photo? This may sound quite intriguing and surprising but it’s a true fact that has been displayed by the incredibly designed Clairvoyant CAKKHU app. It has always been great pleasure for any photo lover to take a look at different photos in the phones gallery. Photos act as a great reminder of what transpired in the past and resulted to capturing of such photos. Interestingly, such experiences have been made much worthy with the recent unveiling of the Clairvoyant CAKKHU app by NAMA. This is a great experience that awaits the user in getting the correct answers in relation to the photos in the phone.


What is entailed in Clairvoyant CAKKHU app

Apparently, this newly developed app has exhibited outstanding performance that proves its consistency in delivering high quality output. It was last updated on June 09, 2016 to make it more efficient in functionality. On the other hand, Clairvoyant CAKKHU has acquired an overall content rating of 3+, a fact that clearly explains how the user can get the best out of it.

When it comes to the display, this amazing app has adopted a high quality design that makes it exceptionally unique. The graphics are well placed together with integration of a colorful theme that makes the entire appearance quite great.


Getting Started With Clairvoyant CAKKHU app

First, the user will be required to possess a gallery of photos within the phone so that they can be perfectly integrated with the app. The next step is to select a photo once this great app has been launched and then let Ms. CAKKHU correctly give out the correct answer of what is entailed in the photo. Surprisingly, one will discover that the answers given by this great app are correct with a perfect match to what is being displayed on the screen. As one moves across different photos, this great app continues to exhibit great performance though in some rare cases, it might provide unexpected incorrect match.

In such cases where Ms. CAKKHU may make some mistakes (since it uses artificial intelligence), this app comes along with a feature that allows the user to perform corrections. In doing so, the user will have helped Ms. CAKKHU to reduce the level of mistakes thus improving the level of efficiency of the app.

Devices Suitable For Clairvoyant CAKKHU app

The compatible devices for this great app should possess great qualities to enable them deliver efficient output. Thus Clairvoyant CAKKHU app is currently known to work effectively on Android device from version 4.0 to any latest one. Since efficiency also takes into account the operating system of the device, the user should ensure that a high quality one is incorporated.

Features Found In Clairvoyant CAKKHU app

Efficient neural network

Apparently, this feature is essential in facilitating this great app to give out the correct answers. It operates in a unique way in that it undertakes deep learning of the photo, performs different appraisal before ultimately giving the perfect answer


Photo described in an instant

Once Clairvoyant CAKKHU app has identified a photo, it quickly gives the correct answer and prompts the user to justify if the answer is indeed correct. Nearly all of the answers given by this amazing app are correct!

Don’t hesitate to correct CAKKHU

Due to the nature of the app using artificial intelligence, it may be caught up in a scenario (though rare) where the answer may mismatch with the expected answer. Due to its unique design and friendly approach, the user is given an opportunity to make adjustments so as to give the correct answer.

Well designed theme and classic design

The quality of the theme is quite amazing with great adoption of a perfect background layout. For the design applied, it is absolutely outstanding thus making this app to come out with unique formation.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons evidenced on this Clairvoyant CAKKHU app:


· Quite easy to operate and manage

· It works really well and delivers quality output

· Gives an engaging and fantastic experience

· Good for testing reasoning abilities

· Simple and quite flexible


· No feature for identifying multiple features on photo

· Experienced infrequencies in output.

Final Verdict

A high quality and performing app has always been determined by its ability to deliver the best to its users. This is clearly what Clairvoyant CAKKHU app has displayed in terms of meeting the photography needs of its users. This unique aspect makes it an exceptional app worth downloading without forgetting its high quality graphics and overall output. Get it now for free and have a fun moment with the photos!

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