Get a Chance to Bet Right with Online Betting

by Jun 20, 20140 comments

Genre : Sports
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : statistics part is really good
Negatives : none

If betting is legal in your country then iTunes has something in store that will amaze you and will let you gain the most out of the bets you place. Online betting – your guide for  online sports betting information does not only keep you updated about the happenings in the betting world but also makes sure that you don’t miss a chance to bet when it would be profitable and enjoy the games at the same time. It is an app for the online betters and you better keep it with you always if you don’t want to miss a single chance.


Online Betting, presented by Bola Webinformation GmbH is a free app on iTunes and it can be quite helpful for the punters. You can see what is happening around the world in sports and what the betting opportunities are. At the same time, you will get to see the offers that are available. So, if there is an option to bet free or you a money back insurance offer, you will not miss the same. This not only gives you opportunity to save money on betting but also provides you a fair chance of winning a lot of money. You can even calculate the amount based on odds on some of the betting. The app is one of those apps that have valuable features and those features require special mention.

•    Online betting is an informative app for those who are involved in online betting on sports and provides all information about the betting world.
•    You can view live scores of all the games that is being played on certain point of time and eligible for betting. This includes football, tennis, cricket, rugby and more.
•    The app provides information about all the offers and free betting option for a certain period of time.
•    You can see the statistics of a league or a series in order to get a fair idea on what to bet.
•    The app also provides event previews. Reviews on the upcoming events are written by expert contributors of the app which can be trusted and used.
•    The contributors may also guide the punters to the best odds in an event.
•    You can actually find the best value deals through the app. the app is absolutely free to download and install and at the same time you get opportunity to know best value betting options around the world.
•    The app comes with system bet calculator where you can calculate the value of a bet and take a decision upon it. You can calculate the potential return by plugging in the odds.
•    The app also contain tips provides by the experienced contributors.
•    The app version 1.2 supports iOS 7 and the minimum requirement is iOS 6 or later.
•    The app only takes 0.8 MB space on your device.


Summary: Online betting is an app for people who invest in online betting and provides guidelines, knowledge and best deal information to the users.

Good: The previews are quite helpful and the event statistics part is really good.

Bad: There is nothing bad reported about the app yet.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App