Give a New Dimension to Messaging with Now Messenger

by Mar 15, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Now RTT Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, concept, easy to use
Negatives : none

Today, the android app market is overflowing with messaging apps that promises to keep you connected to friends and family around the world. However, the problem is there with so many options. For example, you have downloaded one app for messaging while your friends have downloaded some different apps and the main motto of staying connected is not fulfilled. Either you have to download all the massaging apps in the store which is not quite possible or use the general text messaging feature of your phone and waste money. Now you have a solution to the problem. The app, Now Messenger, not only helps you to connect to all those who use the same app but also allow you to message to other people who are there in your contact.


The Now Messenger app, presented by Now RTT Inc is a free to download app that has both real time and SMS messaging option. In case you are sending message in the real time mode, you can edit those messages even when they are already sent. This feature is quite unique and helps you correct yourself whenever you think like. If you have put on the SMS mode in the app, you can receive general SMS/MMS in the app. Apart from the sending options the app helps you send audio and pictures. You can send your voice recording with the help of the app. There is a 30 seconds limit for voice recording.


One more feature that I found interesting about the app is its group chat feature. You can add unlimited people in the chat. In the group chat, you can create a group for sure but anyone can add or remove members. However, the owner of the chat will be permanent. The chat supports basic emojis that come with the phone and you can expect new emojis in the updated versions later.


The app offers you easy removal option which means if you want to remove a message then you just need to swipe it to the right and left. The entire chat with a friend can also be removed in the same way. Apart from that you have option to block contacts. Once you choose to block a contact, it will be blocked from general chat as well as group chat. You can always change background of the chat with a phone from your phone gallery. It will make it look more interesting. However, cropping option is still not available. The setting section of the app will guide you how to use the app properly.

The version 1.1 of the app comes with a bit of improvement. The app size is 4.2 MB which is quite easy to store on your device. The android version required for the app is android 4.2 or later and it is freely available in the app store.

Good: The app is a compact one and helps you send messages to those people also who are not using the app.

Bad: The background image cropping option is waited for.

Worth HAving App – Download the App