Give Your Kids Something Constructive, Give Them Math Panda

by Jul 21, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : Arnaud Desombre
Rating : 3
Positives : easy to use, fun, educative
Negatives : none

Math Panda is just the right game for you if you are a mathematics enthusiast. The game is available in the Google play store and can be really fun for K-12 students. Even if you are not a student but you still love mathematics as much as you used to in your school days, Math Panda is the game for you. From simple addition, subtraction to complex arithmetic, you can choose the right level according to your capacity and change the difficulty of the game to suit your skills.


Math Panda, presented by Arnaud Desombre, is a free game in the store that is made to enhance skill. Just don’t find matching pictures from blocks but also calculate while you see the hidden numbers under the block. It’s simple but interesting and you never know when you can make a mistake. Match Panda is the collection of 4 games in 1 and it is made to keep you busy and concentrated. Yes, the game needs a lot of concentration and that would be reflected in your studies too.


There is one Classroom mode in the game where you can choose the function along with the level of difficulty. Hippo is there to count your correct answers and will let you know the score in the end of the game. This is learning mathematics while having fun. In case of Challenge mode of the game, everything is based on time. You will be given two minutes and you have to solve as many problems as possible within those two minutes. Sounds interesting!

The challenge mode takes you to another level of the game but that has to be done by answering the challenge mode. This is the level of Memory of Paris and here comes the hidden numbers under the blocks. It does not only sound interesting but it is actually quite interesting. You have to play the game to believe my words.


There are other things that make the app really amazing. You have multiple choices while answering questions. You can type your answer on calculator like interface or just choose the handwriting mode in order to jot down the answer. Just use your fingers and the app will detect the answer. There will be four choices while selecting the answer. You can always change the font style of the game.

The technical requirements of the game are not too complex. It takes only 2.8 MB space on your device. Android 2.3 or later is perfect for the version 3.01 of the game. So it is applicable on most of the mobiles.

Good: The game is suitable for any age people and the game comes with different mode to suit your choices.

Bad: Nothing can go wrong with such an interesting game.

Worth Having App – Download the App