Glory Ridge – Review

by Apr 5, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Oasis Games
Rating : 4
Positives : Concept & Game Logic
Negatives :

Experience a world of fantasy and magic when you play the glory ridge strategy based game. This is a new way to spend your extra time and wind away a boring day. The game is full of magical heroes that you have to recruit and sent to the battle field to gain victory. The game is a world of fiction where you get to fight the world by setting it on fire, conquering big cities and building your own empire.



The game has over ten heroes talented with skills that are suitable for a battle field. You have the opportunity to recruit and train your own heroes and send them to battle your enemies for you to gain victory. There are special features allowing you to create your own heroes, built your city, gather a lot of resources for your army and joining alliances with other fighters to increase your chances of victory. You can hunt for treasures with your best explorers during peace times and gain more power.

User interface

The game features a combination of magical heroes with skills to fight your enemies in the battle field. It consists of Humans, the Undead, Halves, Dwarves and Nature. You can train and recruit all kinds of troops including Dragons, Titans, Archangels and Cyclops. You gain more powers by collecting treasurers and joining more alliances which increase your chances of victory. Fierce BOSS battles fought by alliances give amazing results and make the game even more challenging.The app is designed for used by both iPhone and iPad users and you can download it through iTunes.

User experience

Game is continuing to receive good reviews with high ratings. The fiction and magic in the game is what all players wish for and magical creatures featured in the game makes it more enjoyable and fun. The new player guidance in the game also makes it easy to play for those starting out with optimized fonts and definitions.

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