The God father Game Review

by Mar 18, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Hitcents com Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : Graphics, screens, concept, UI
Negatives :

Online games turns to be a good source of entertainment as iPhone launches a new app for a game by the name The God Father. Just by the title of the game, it sounds to be a game of strategy more so to those who have watched The Godfather movie. Despite its strategic characteristic, it cannot be rated as challenging compared to other video games like “Mafia 3 Rivals”. This game was first structured to work on PCs as well as consoles. However, it has been updated to fit on small screens. The core designer of this game is a Hong Kong developer who deals with FT games. Currently, the game is a strategy genre with its app freely available for downloading on iOS. The game is only compatible with the modest hardware and well optimized as well as designed to increase efficiency. Unlike other online apps, the Godfather game has 133MB storage making its installation easier and faster in your iTune operating system. The obligation of the player in this game is to assist Vito Corleone expand his plans through bringing up new business centers that as well as controlling rival gangs in the city.


Pros and Cons

The game is characterized by a number of advantages that wins the users loyalty to it. Impressive graphics is one of the advantages you find with the app. Its visuals have been borrowed from the Godfather movie. When playing this game, you will notice that its setup is in New York. That is made evident by the props used including but not limited to Vintage cars and replicated attire. Just like other online games are, The Godfather provides a clear head start to users that have a tutorial to help you learn the game faster. The game is interesting since it requires you to train an army and equip them with guns and knives to help them encounter threats from other gangs in the city. In addition, the game provides more detailed information regarding the gangs in the city. This information appears to the user during training to help you be more creative on what to do and where to be at any given time.


Though the game is associated with some advantages, it has a number of disadvantages that affect its effectiveness. After playing the game several times, you notice that the game’s action sequences have been poorly implemented. Clash between henchmen has been automated making the outcome to depend on how your men are equipped. Building up business centers requires money and sometimes loading real money from your pocket in order to upgrade. The game also requires internet connection hence not favorable for those willing to play offline.


Despite the fact that it is a strategy game, the godfather game is not challenging. That confirms the game to be somehow boring if played for a long time. Though the game outlook is nice, it offers nothing but the nostalgia of being part of the game. However it is an app worth downloading to engage you in an action sequence when free. If you have an iPhone, download the game app today and start enjoy the special entertainment experience.

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