Happy & Smile: City of Fighting- Have Fun

by Feb 7, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : HappyRabbitShow
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, colors
Negatives : none

Everyday, dozens of mobile games are released in the market. The content and quality of these entertainment applications evolve through time. Gone are the days of mediocre games that are repetitive and boring, replaced by ones that have more depth. And throughout the long history of gaming, there is one genre that remains popular to players no matter the generation – the beat em up.


One of the best new beat em up titles for the iOS is Happy & Smile: City of Fighting. Reminiscent to the classic gameplay of Double Dragon, this game let’s you punch, maul and blast your enemies off the screen. Its arcade style is quite appealing with the cartoony graphics making all the brutally cute and fun. The background visuals as you move across each chapter are also quite appealing as well as the unique designs of the bosses you encounter at the end. The control is as simple as sliding and tapping your fingers across the screen. It is also quite smooth and responsive even when there are a lot of simultaneous character movements. Also, one of the best aspects of this game is that it can be played offline, perfect for long dull hours while travelling.

Happy & Smile: City of Fighting also introduces the card deck mechanic into the gameplay. Players can acquire action cards which can be used to acquire items, vehicles or even summon other players. This gives the game more depth as you need to strategically plan your next deck construction.


The hero system on the other hand, allows players to choose their favorite in-game characters. They can be leveled up and each has their own unique skills and strengths. There are also tons of additional options available in the global market.

The game has been recognized in the 2015 Korea Game Creation Audition where it won the first place. It has ranked number 1 in both the daily feature and weekly users’ choice at Newgrounds. It has also been featured in various 2015 gaming events such as Game Connection America, OpenPlayDay, BIC Fest, Tokyo Game Show and G-STAR BIC Showcase, among others. Currently, Happy & Smile: City of Fighting is being enjoyed by more than three million active players.

Overall, this game is highly addictive and entertaining. Its simple game style of finger sliding resembles the fun moments of Fruit Ninja while the strategic card interface is like that of Clash Royale. On top of that, the side-scrolling adventure is a great homage to the classic Double Dragon game. It’s concept of offline playability makes this title a must have for iOS devices. Its easy learning curve paired with progressively challenging chapters makes it an immersive game that is hard to put down.

The game creator, HappyRabbitShow, is an independent development team that aims to produce creative titles that can be enjoyed by players around the world regardless of gaming experience, age, sex, language and culture. Catch the release of Happy & Smile: City of Fighting this 2017 on iOS (US and Europe) and join the millions of players that are ready to take on the challenge.