Hashcam- Using #hashtags the right way

by Dec 14, 20140 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Privacy, simplicity
Negatives : none

While a picture can speak a thousand words, the right caption and hash tags can make it worth sharing. Unless you can describe how you feel about the moments captured in the photo, there is no fun in sharing them. With hash tags, it becomes so much easier to relate your photos with your feelings. It is this concept that the iOS app Hashcam, developed by PhD Labs builds up on.

Hashcam is a simple app that is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher and 16.0 MB of free memory space on your device. It is effectively a photo challenge game to explore the best photography talent, only with an added twist of rating based on hash tags. The game revolves around using the right hash tags at the right time and in the right places.


If you think you can capture moments adequately with photos, then you can use the app to join in a challenge and see where you stand. If you do not like any of the existing challenges, then you always have the option of taking a step and creating a new challenge. Alternately, if you would just like to sit back and watch and express your opinion, you can vote on photos that have been posted on the app. The votes are in the form of love or hate. Feel free to express your opinion as every single vote counts. If you post a pic, then you can also get a good idea about where you stand as a photographer


All you have to do to get started with the app is first download it and you’re all set to go. Begin either by taking part in a challenge, voting for challenges or creating your own challenge. New challenges can be made either private or public. Share your pics and see what the world thinks of your ideas. Also, you can see what comes to others’ minds about your idea through their posts.


The Panda challenge is one of the most prominent global challenges available on the app. It brings people from all over the world together. You can not only win prizes but also global fame for your creative hash tags and ideas. The voting has been kept anonymous and the developers guarantee that the photos you share will not appear on any social networks. The only way that will happen is if you personally decide to share them. This way, your intellectual property rights are maintained well. Thus, you can be rest assured while posting a photo about your privacy and sharing concerns.

Hashcam is an excellent app that gives you a platform to share your ideas as well as to get an overview of what people across the world think about a given idea. With the right kind of talent and interest, you are sure to enjoy this app. Scrolling through the pictures posted by others and voting on them can get quite addictive

Good: Privacy, simplicity

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App