Helicopter Air Fighting : Fly, Fight and Have Fun

by Feb 1, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : mini games inc
Rating : 4
Positives : Game mood, Screens
Negatives : none

With the introduction of computers and internet, the world’s face is changing gradually. There has been some improvement in the way people do their task, whether at home or workplace, nowadays. Computer, laptops, and tablets are becoming common everywhere. As such, technological advancement is something that people should learn to embrace. You would be forgiven to think that technology is all about computers, tablets, laptops, and phones. There is more to technology than what meets the eye. Mobile applications that support playing of games on your computer are part of technology.

Are you one of those people that are fond of fighting in the air with heli-helicopter fighter? Then you have a reason to smile since the helicopter Air Fighting iPhone game features the best design for people like you. All your thirst for a more involving mobile game is quenched with the introduction of this amazing game-the Helicopter Air Fighting iPhone game.


What the Game Involves

This is one of the newest games available for the loves of mobile games. The game involves shooting in the air with helicopter fighter. It features heli-helicopter plane fighter, mortal sky combat, and combat action game styles. Such give you options that come with such a change. The game comes with three heli-helicopters to choose from. After choosing, the various options you can start playing. The primary trick to succeeding in this game is to understand all the instructions before full engagement in the game.


What is needed of you here is to as instructions.

The game has a provision for a number of options, for the heli-helicopter to choose from. In addition, there are joysticks that one can use in order to give the heli-helicopter guidelines. From the application’s first page, you will find a list of heli-helicomptor. Here, one can choose the heli-helicopter fighter of their choice.


The Helicopter Air Fighting iphone app was launched in September of last year. It requires only 39.4 MB of size. This means that it will never take much of your devices’ space. As such, this iPhone game app is quite different from other mobile games that take almost all your storage space on the device.



The Helicopter Air Fighting iPhone app is compatible with devices such as the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. However, this application has received enhancement for iPhone 5. Presently, you can only be in a position to install this game in your iPhone if it is running on IOS 6.0. However, looking at the trend is unavoidable that the game will be available in most other operating systems.

Evidently, the Helicopter Air Fighting mobile game is a must have for those who enjoy the thrill that comes with action. It will keep you engaged up to the end. However, in order to enjoy such experience, one requires an iPhone. What are you waiting for? Get yourself the helicopter air fighting game and join hundreds of people already using it. It is worth one’s time since it features the best in fighting, battle and combat in the air.

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