Hexa Dots Game: The Next-Gen Thrilling Puzzler Game

by Dec 5, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Desdoo SA
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, UI, graphics
Negatives : none

How about trying out a new challenging but yet fun-filled puzzler? This can be an incredible opportunity that one can use to sharpen gaming skills. Great game will always offer an amazing challenge and that is exactly what the newly-designed Hexa Dots game offers to its players. This app game is quite addictive to play and has integrated an amazing platform that makes the player have an easy time with the game.

In relation to its gameplay, the player is required to quickly move dots containing same color in a single line and ultimately make them vanish. This appears to be quite an easy move, however, there is an intruding challenge; new dots tend to appear each time the player has made any move. Why is this critical? Such new dots will in turn prevent the player from making a perfect quick match in order to combine similar dots and gain a score. Thus, the player needs to be keen and highly responsive when making different moves. Generally, the game is well-designed, intuitive and the performance is exceptionally satisfying. Get it today and prove prowess in solving this fast-paced and mind-engaging puzzler!


The Functionality of the Hexa Dots app

The app is simply designed to be played by any novice or professional game player. Its gameplay structure is quite straightforward due to its fantastic user interface. This makes it fun and fascinating when trying to solve the puzzle. The game is all about arranging dots with similar color in a line and making them to disappear. As a player, one is required to respond quickly and make different accurate moves in order to record a significant score. The dots should be at least four of them in order to gain some earnings. The presence of new dots each time one makes a move can hinder the player from making a score. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the player is keen and tactical in order to achieve the best ultimate result and move to the next level. This is truly a chance worth grabbing!

Compatible Devices for the Hexa Dots

Apparently, this app requires a strong device in order to exhibit exceptionally high performance. This implies that the player should adopt a high quality device to get the best experience. Currently, the suitable devices for this app include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Additionally, it is notable that iOS 8.0 or any new version works well with this app.

The following are the distinct features that have been adopted by this app:

Records wins and get amazing coins

At first, the game might appear slightly challenging to a novice player. With time, one is able to acquire essential skills and improved experience which is highly rewarding. This enables the player to make wins by quickly creating accurate patterns of four similar dots. Once the dots have been made to disappear, the player gains coins and scores required to move to the next level. Besides, the player can purchase coins on the in-app purchase platform to boost the gaming experience.


Over 100 Challenging levels worth unlocking

Ready to get to the next level of the game? With Hexa Dots app game, this can be achieved once the player has mastered the essential tactics for the game. Actually, it is all about making quick and accurate moves that will ultimately enable the player to create a perfect match for the dots. This can be a great chance to garner enough points that can enable one to move to the next level. Besides, there are numerous well-balanced levels that are awaiting the player to unlock them and get into a new challenging experience!

Enjoy the bonus packs and powerup

A game becomes more interesting when there are lots of boosters, right? This is because they actually rejuvenate the gaming experience for the player. This is exactly the fantastic experience that the Hexa Dots game is bringing to its players. There are lots of bonus packs that the player stands to enjoy together with the fast-paced powerups. Some of the powerups that the player will come across include Bomb, Change, Switch and Target.

The Bomb powerup helps in eliminating all the dots found at the center to allow easy movement for the player. Change powerup assist the player to transform the color of a single dot. On the other hand, Switch powerup offers a perfect change in position of the dots to give a perfect ultimate match. Additionally, the Target powerup helps in getting rid of a single dot that could be hindering the player from making a score.

What’s new?

Meanwhile, the game is currently available in French, Spanish, Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and German. To improve its gaming performance, the game has rebalanced different levels and optimized some features.

Here are the Pros and Cons that the player can identify from the game:


· Fantastic graphics and design

· Exciting and challenging gaming experience

· Numerous levels worth unlocking

· Great earnings and powerups

· Absolutely addictive and captivating


· Performance interrupted by bug problem

· Challenging to pass first level as a novice player


Hexa Dots game is a game worth playing when it comes to boosting skills on how to solve different puzzle. It has adopted unique approach, design and functionality that make it exceptional. Its graphics are of high quality and well-crafted to bring great fun-filled experience to the player. Thus, it is a must-recommend for any passionate game player. It is now available for free on the App Store. Why wait? Download it now and combine the dots!

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