HexRoto HD Lite – Amusing Puzzle Game

by May 15, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Rating : 5
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HexRoto HD Lite is an interesting hexagon game where you have two special colored balls and you need to spin the combination to fit them into the holes which are of the same color as them.

The game is a strategic game where you need to think where to spin the balls. After each level ends, you can see the scores in terms of how many moves you make in that level. You can also replay the level or move on to the next level. For the replay function, you can pass it over to your friend and see how he fare in the same level you played. This game has no multi-player function and does not need to connect to the network to play. It is a simple solo game where you can have hours of fun just thinking where to spin to get the colored balls to fit in the puzzle.

The game has a catchy introduction screen where there is a sharp sound that shows you are actually starting to play the game. This can draw attention to the people around you and you might just make some new friends while you are playing this game. However, in this game, you cannot move on to the next level until you complete the current level. There are advertisements at the bottom of the game but it does not bother me as it does not affect the gameplay. You can also redo your move in the game if you find that you made a wrong move. The number of moves will be subtracted by one if you press the redo button. I will recommend anyone to play this game as it is highly entertaining and is also easy to play. Anyone can pick up this fun and simple casual game.

You can play this game on the train or on the bus while you are waiting. It is a fun way to kill some time if you are waiting. The full version of this game retails for 99 cents for the iPad. You can also play the lite version on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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