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Genre : Social
Platform : Web
Developer :
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, UI
Negatives : none

Do you dream of getting name and fame? Are you a beauty with brain? Every woman has some special quality in her, some are very gorgeous, some are sweet by nature, some are intelligent, and have so many other qualities. But, it’s hard to find a beauty with brain also! Isn’t it? We can’t judge the intelligence of a woman from her face. If a woman is not so beautiful, she can become beautiful with efforts and time if she wants to. And if she is beautiful, she can show her talent and can earn fame in the fashion world. Well, it’s our perspective, what we see and what we observe! There are so many contests which decide who is the most beautiful lady in the World, Universe, Earth, Nation, State, etc. They all are based on some criteria!

There are beauty pageants which are based on voting from the audience which gives a chance to the women to go further who are participating in it. Such a beauty pageant is “”, which dubs itself the Octagon of Hotness. It’s an addictive Mobile entertainment for everyone. Your main task to do is to choose the most beautiful women on this Earth, according to their figure, beauty and hotness. You can vote one woman at a time from the 2 participants. Moreover, the percentage of the votes will be displayed instantly just after you voted. You can play this game as many times and can give votes to whom you want. Each time you Login different participants will be there.

Dana Byte is the CEO and Promoter of, who explains his motivation for creating the app. These girls work very hard all the year on looking good such as they groom themseleves, maintain their figure, do everything to make their face look good, develop their personality and everything else! All of them is given an opportunity to go at each other via this app. I know it’s very difficult to give vote to 1 among 2 beauties. But, it’s a competition, you have to do this! However, there are no losers here because every woman is doing her best and is beautiful in the world so it’s based on fun and entertainment.

The results of the game will be announced at the end of the year and a party will be thrown may be! There is no worry for all those who are not selected because they can try next year and send their photograph to to be considered for the next year’s competition.

Basically, is a platform for all those looking for an opportunity in the fashion world and want to become a star! This app is an app where you can trust, there are no weight classes and it’s free for all. You can compete with singers , actresses, famous models, all dresses to the nines.

The app is just super-addictive, you’ll get to see so many beautiful ladies that can’t take your eyes off! Seriously, you’ll be having fun with this app. Give it a try now!

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