How can Android Parental Control App Help you provide Healthy Lifestyle to your Teens?

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family locator appThe life of your teen revolves around the small Android device you have handed over to them. They eat with their device, sleep with them, play, study, and whatnot. You will see them glued to their gadgets every single minute. This frequent use of digital devices has made teens inactive, dull and unhealthy. They can’t run for more than 5 minutes, they get headaches, digital eye strain, suffer obesity and shrinking attention span etc. All because of their Android devices. Putting parental controls on their device use can be helpful. Using the controls can cut down their screen time and make your teens participate in healthy activities. One digital way of putting these controls is using the Android parental control app.

How can parental apps help?

Digital parental control apps for Android such as FamilyTime lets parents regulate your teen smartphone usage while enabling them to take control of what their teens can do with the app and what they can’t

This app lets you

  • Monitor your teen’s device usage and see what apps they use, who they connect with, what do they browse etc. After analyzing their device use, you can manage what they can do and what not. You can blacklist unwanted apps, Watchlist suspicious contacts, check bookmarks and browsing history to see their content sssconsumption online.
  • Remotely lock your teen’s cell phone from your Dashboard to disable phone till you want. Once you disable their phones, you will receive an activation code which has to be entered in the child app in order for the phone to work again. Now, you can stop your teens from using their phones during study hours, meal times and sleep hours. This way without any argument or resistance from your teen, you can help them balance screen time with other activities.

Act Smart, Act Fast:

Parents are needed to realize the importance of providing healthy lifestyle to their teens, only then they can help them live a better life. Android parental control app such as FamilyTime provide great assistance in this regard, so don’t waste any more time and act smart, act fast!
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