Hunger Crunch : Fighting world hunger with a fun game

by Mar 1, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Rice Bowls Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : Fun game for a cause
Negatives : none

Did it ever occur to you that world problems could be solved with a simple iOS app? As unbelievable as that seems, Rice Bowls, Inc., an NGO is doing exactly that. The app itself is completely free of cost. The NGO operates currently in Ethiopia, India, South Africa, Rwanda, Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Philippines and South Africa. All revenue generated from the in-app purchases goes to feeding children in these countries. The organization is working to feed orphaned kids in places where the need for the same is high.


Besides just the cause behind the game, it is highly addictive and fun. The game gives you a lot of maniacal boss fights and challenging levels to keep your hunger for fun satiated. A total of twelve levels are available, with a boss fight at the end of every three levels. The game revolves around you stomping the evil demon Hunger and all his stealthy minions. These minions are depriving children by stealing form them. It is upto you to reclaim this stolen food, while also collecting hidden collectibles while you’re at it. You not only fight hunger in the game but also help in the real fight against hunger worldwide. Have fun and crunch hunger at the same time.


To keep up the fun and enthusiasm, you mount a fanged black creature called Beasty and collect candy and other items on your way. Your other major task is to stomp Hunger’s minions. The enemies come on a variety of forms, as do the obstacles which include bombs, spiked pits and more. To kill an enemy, you have to stomp them from above. If you bump into them from elsewhere, it will cost you a life. Also, watch out for the flame catching minions and avoid them altogether.


The controls of the game have been kept simple to enable people of all ages and skills to enjoy it. A single tap at the right time will get you to stomp a minion in this endless runner game. If you stomp on a bouncy object or creature, it will propel you higher into the air. Each time you land upon a chain of these, you can catch candy that is placed high up. There are a host of power-ups and collectibles on the way. You have three lives, which once exhausted, will cause your game to end.

Some of the top in-app purchases include candy, tournament pass, unlocking drought bosses, unlocking satchi bosses and unlocking mostacho bosses. All of these can be bought for real money or in return for candy collected during the game. You can also purchase power-ups in the form of in-app purchases. These will help you get magnetic power or extra height or speed. There are a total of five of these, each of which can be tried out once for free. An extra life is also available in the form of in-app purchases. Another interesting in-app purchase is the score doubler, which multiplies your score by two.

All said and done, the app provides fun and entertainment, keeping you engaged for a cause. It helps spread awareness and gives you an opportunity to contribute in your own small way. It has been designed and implemented splendidly, with a guarantee to keep you hooked on for a good while.

Good: Fun game for a cause

Bad: None

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