iEvaphone Free Calls Android App Review

by Jun 14, 20160 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : call2friends ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : wider call limit, UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

Making International calls using mobile balance or Skype is always expensive. Internet has paved way for people to make free calls using smartphone applications. iEvaphone is a free calls app from Call2Friends Ltd. This free application enables the user to make worldwide calls for free. It enables one to call friends and family for free through any mobile or landline numbers. The user obtains 10 free credits to enable them call instantly. The credits can also be earned by watching a video thus eliminating the need to purchase credits. It displays the cost per minute upon entering the phone number. It also comes with free caller id configuration. This app enables one to make international calls for free. The receiver does not need to install the application or be online for the call to go through. All the user needs is to dial and call the number for free. The latest update was done on 30th May, 2016.



The user needs Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G active internet connection. The number should be dialed using the international format that is including the country code. It works on android smartphones worldwide. It works on android platform of 3.0 and above. It configures caller id for free. Caller id is a cellular quantity that can be proven for all calls made through iEvaphone. The 3.2.0 model features bug repairs and enhancements. The calling service is provided to over 200 countries. Some countries maybe currently unavailable or unsupported. The calls are for free but the time is limited. It cannot be used to make emergency calls. It applies a Fair Usage Policy to avoid impairing the experience of other users. It also provides a web version for free PC use. It does not require any plug in application and sends no annoying ads. iEvaphone provides more caller limit than Skype. It is designed with an intelligence to access the user’s contacts, Multimedia and USB storage. It also share the users’ location. It requires the use of the microphone for higher call volume. The user can easily earn 300 credits per day or after a few calling hours.



The user needs to enable internet connection after which they visit the Android Market. The app is downloaded for free. The key board is then used to make international calls for free. It does not collect any personal information and eliminates registration process.


-Easy to use

-Free download

-Worldwide coverage

-No registration

-Wider call limit


-Disabled emergency calls

-Requires fast internet connection

-Not compatible with lower Android versions.

-Low volume

iEvaphone is completely free thus realizing the “free and reduced cost calls” dream of many users. It provides free days for making calls across all parts of the word listed as free. It has a descent quality and it is easy to use. Users have recommended for inclusion of an advanced search and speaker option. However, the app has a wider pool of benefits compared to its peers. It provides a wider call limit while eliminating reciprocation needs. This means the receiver does not need to install the app for the call to be completed.

Worth Having App – Download the App