iFile – Converting Smartphones to Workplace Computers

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Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
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Your iPhone or iPad may currently seem to you as the most powerful tool since it can be used as a compact and portable laptop. iOS has every OS function, executed in the most advanced manner. Now iOS adds another feather in its cap. The developers at Darkness Production have come up with a most basic app called iFile that performs functions similar to windows explorer in Windows. It is a file management app. Yes, great isn’t it? With its latest addition of iFile, iOS seems complete. Now you can plan your work and work your plan on the go.

This super app performs activities like reading, editing, re-organizing text files. Media files like image, music and video files can be downloaded and arranged into separate folders for easy access. For hard core developers too, this app makes itself useful since it is capable of rendering source code (like html, xml, c, ccp, php etc.) on its browser. Another main feature is the ability to process pdf extension files and send print requests.

Functional Highlights

Folder management: Downloading, uploading and saving files become relatively easier when it comes to an app installed on touch screen controlled device. The interface provides all editing and sorting options on the same page where all files and folders are present. These files can be selected and copied, cut, pasted, renamed, archived, transferred to another device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or sent through e-mail.

File Reading ability: iFile reads all MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, text, pdf and iWork files (iWork is similar to MS Office and contains keynote, pages, numbers that are equivalents of Word, Ppt and Excel respectively)

With the advent of cloud concept and instant communication amongst near and dear ones, iFile enhances your lifestyle by being technology compliant and helping to stay connected with a single touch of the button

Apart from the browser being integrated with this app to provide simultaneous downloading of numerous files, this app is also integrated with iCloud and Dropbox for accessing your favorite files online and offline.

The pdf reader within is even better than Adobe’s speed of rendition and navigation of the pages. Additional features like bookmarking, printing and mailing are available.

iFile enables easy transfer of files, between your PC and iDevice via iTunes, Bluetooth, WLAN as well.


iFile as an app completes your smart phone by making it an all rounder. File processing and management is a basic necessity nowadays and when it is combined with your phone, it makes you able to work or play on the go. The added abilities of reading source code files, archiving and extracting files makes it an all-powerful tool.


The potential users of such a multi dimensional app is so huge that one would expect other basic functionalities like FTP and file import-export between devices (via Wi-Fi) to be there by default. The makers have promised these updates in the future versions of this app.


iFile is a revolutionary app that enhances your perspective of working and keeps you well connected amongst your friends and colleagues on demand. The $1.99 that they charge you is way less than the app’s functional worth. This app is compatible with iOS 5 (on iPad, iPhone, iTouch) and above.

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