IMEI checker pro iphone app review

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Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
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Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

Purchasing of telephones is an exceptionally liquid choice that is best when educated. Notwithstanding, the process of getting dependable data progressively can be a dubious assignment particularly when in a rush. Be that as it may, with late advancements in innovation, applications, for example, IMEI checker pro has come in to simplify the process. The apple application offers basic methods for checking data relating to the telephone construct just in light of the IMEI number. This article reviews the usefulness and productivity of this application.

IMEI checker pro-iPhone app highlights

Cell phones are regularly sold and exchanged. The utilization of IMEI checker offers a variety of data vital in settling on an educated decision in purchasing the gadget. The app can detail the capacities of the cell phone. For instance, knowing whether the gadget has been accounted for as stolen or if it can be utilized by any transporter is imperative in knowing whether to or not to buy the gadget. Purchasing of a stolen gadget may arrive the purchaser on the wrong side of the law while purchasing of an administration bolted gadget may make future resale of the gadget difficult.

The inventive IMEI checker application offers a variety of highlights that help with knowing the genuine specifics to cell phones. The gadget requires the contribution of gadget IMEI number. This IMEI number is then looked over the apps online database to provide data specific to that gadget. The application data identifying with:

1. Gadget bolt status

2. Display

3. Telephone unique IMEI number

4. Gadget serial number

5. Gadget guarantee status

6. Date of procurement

7. Who was the first purchaser

8. Who was the underlying transporter

9. iCloud status

10. Step by step instructions to download it – The app is accessible on apple store and can be downloaded whenever. The main essential to download the app is web association and an Apple cell phone. This incorporates iPhones and iPads.

These are recently a portion of the capacities this app offers in one go. The application programming offers dependable data

on the interesting IMEI number provided. Checking data relating to any cell phone is imperative for various reasons.


The application gives a pool of points of interest. It provides vital data that aids a fruitful and educated buy. It spares time and expenses in the entire buy process. The app checks apple gadgets as well as HTC, Samsung, Alcatel and LG gadgets as well. It offers quick and precise outcomes for sheltered and educated decisions.


In any case, the app has one minor con. It expects the web to work. Disconnected, the app is practically pointless. Its interface is additionally not extremely appealing and has not very many functionalities. IMEI checker could profit by an expansion of highlights and an improved interface.

Final Verdict

Buy of cell phones should be educated to provide an agreeable decision bravo. It is vital that the utilization of this application be underlining to maintain a strategic distance from dangers required with illicit buys. The application provides the administration toll-free, quick and with a 99% precision. There is along these lines no need not to utilize the application in the buy of cell phones to ensure wellbeing. It is in this way my exceptionally accentuated supposition you consider the utilization of the application preceding the buy of any cell phone.

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