InboxMind-Top Reasons why you Need it !

by Jan 15, 20150 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : InboxMind LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : simple design, priority mails and handy
Negatives : none

As much as iPhone’s email app is just sufficient, there comes a time when one’s personal tastes and preferences demand more than the features provided by these application. When shopping for an alternative email app or your iPhone, you will come across many email apps with better features than the apples iPhone’s own. For instance, the InboxMind is an application tailored to help every iPhone owner in prioritizing your emails. This application helps you cut through numerous emails are get to the ones that demand immediate action. This application is highly interactive, it learns and refines your set priorities based on your searches.


From a busy schedule, there is a chance of missing an important email. Besides its intelligent prioritization feature, it also gives you a chance of exercising your control by letting you chose classify your emails based on their priorities with just a click. In the event that you are expecting an email from a specific contact, you can remotely personalise it in advance, and let it notify you the moment its lands on your inbox.

The InboxMind feature that lets you prioritise your emails based on their priority gives you the chance to concentrate on activities that matter most. Its organizational aspect injects the much-needed organization into your day-to-day activities. Its ability to let you flag those important emails based on their priority and its activity tracking ability compels you to concentrate on those tasks that require your attention ad leave those that are actually not as important.

The patented inbox radio feature gives you a chance to customise you alerts to an audible radio synonymous to the convectional radio sounds. This radio feature communicates these messages the moment they land on your inbox. There is virtually no reason why you should not be updated. When driving or busy attending to some important task, these smarts inbox communicates a summarized audio message based on your priorities. This makes this application perfect for individuals in busy and demanding environment that demand an undisturbed visual presence. Machine operators, drivers, athletes, commuters etc.!


Most email apps store your passwords on cloud servers. Ina way this feature exposes your account to some security concerns. Unlike them. InboxMind is more secure since it encrypts and secures password on your device. This checks against malicious persons as your passwords cannot be intercepted in any way. In beefing up your security, the contents of your emails are not in these cloud servers. In addition to this, this app features premium data storage and transmission algorithms to secure data stored therein and that transmitted to other sources as well.

Application developers make applications with an aim of augmenting the operations of your iPhone. From Experience, the InboxMind email app has introduced a significant cutting edge in integrating email with your daily activities. Its organizational ability that lets you do what matters most when it matters along with its interactive radio feature makes this app just amazing. It a secure application to considering the aforementioned security features that are rare to find in any applications. Get this app today and restore sanity in your mailbox.

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