Indulge in the Battle of Existence with Shadow Fight 2

by Dec 14, 20140 comments

Genre : Games
Platform :
Developer : Nekki Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : Graphics and Animation
Negatives : none

Nothing last forever but one thing that lasts till you live, is your shadow. The untapped power of shadow is captured into an exclusive game Shadow Fight 2, a windows game with lots of action and enthusiasm. While the body of the shadow is fragile, the spirit is made of steel, which makes it unbeatable. This is the essence of the game, shadow fight 2 and you are going to experience the thrill when you indulge yourself in the game. The game is currently available in the Windows app store for free and all you need is a compatible mobile to play the game.


Shadow Fight 2 is unique not only because of its concept but also because of its graphics. Supreme quality of animation is used in the game to make it look realistic and clear. The martial art moves are framed to perfection and you will actually feel like being in the battlefield while playing the game. What you need to do is to close the door of shadows, fighting the demons on your way. There are numerous moves and weapons that you can choose in the course of the game. If you are ready to jump, slash, punch, kick and humiliate your enemies, then this one is a game that you deserve. Check out the unbeatable features of the game and start playing on your device.



  • Shadow Fight 2 is a game combining classic fighting and RPG. It is a fighting game where you have to continue your journey by fighting your enemies.
  • The game has a scintillating storyline of a fantasy world which is going to unfold as you play the game.
  • The shadow fighter will be equipped with a lot of weapons and at the same time will have supreme martial arts skills to combat the enemy.
  • There are six worlds through which you are going to pass.
  • Each of the worlds is going to have some demons to combat. You will have to slash, jump, kick and use other skills in order to finish the demons.
  • You can customize the fighter with nunchaku, epic sword, magical powers, armor suits and more and make him unbeatable when fighting against demons.
  • The graphics of the game is one of its strongest points. The animations are done quite well.
  • The control of the game is completely intuitive. Move your hand in the way you want to fight and that will enough to play the game.
  • The game runs quite well on Nokia Lumia 1520, 820, 822, 810, 525, and HTC 8XT. If you are using other windows phones, you can just download the low quality graphics.
  • The game is currently available for free and it takes about 88 MB space.
  • The game version runs on Windows phone 8 and 8.1.


Summary: Shadow Fight 2 is an action game which mixes classic fight with martial arts and has a lot of customization options. In the game, you need to fight enemies and close the door of shadows.

Good: The graphics and animation of the game is of supreme quality.

Bad: There is nothing wrong about the game.

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