Infinite basketball – Game Review

by Feb 25, 20170 comments

Genre : Games | Sports
Platform : Android
Developer : Kaiman Games
Rating : 4.5 Stars
Positives : Speed, Addictive Game Play, Enagement
Negatives : Pixel Graphics

Infinite basketball is a game where users time to pot a ball in order to score. The balls roll from the right to the left and how fast you can time earns you points. It also has some levels that need to be unlocked as one advance in the game. There is also an audience to cheer you as you play. The audience increases as you advance in the levels. The game requires maximum concentration on the part of the player since missing the fast moving ball thrice means you lose. The game player is also mobile hence increasing the difficulty of accurately potting the ball. The graphics however, are not optimal and there is more room for improvement. If improved on the game has great potential for more downloads. The game music is okay but can be loud at times. I prefer to play the game with the sound on mute. I find the cheering audience very motivating and make you to want to keep playing.

Game play 

The feel of the game is great with easy to use interface. The expression of the player and the audience is good but still there is more room for improvement. The developers should to look for a way to act on it and improve the expressions. It is also very interactive, when a player is through with the first quarter, advanced to the second quarter and so on. There is also a life bar on the top left of the screen and loses power as you miss to pot the balls.


The game is based on a mini basketball court which looks more like tennis court. It has two play modes, the infinite mode and the stage mode. In the stage mode you unlock levels to play with each progressive level being harder than the previous. The infinite mode play is just easy to play. I like the design it has been well planned and organized. It is also very well compressed being just 27 mbs in size. That is light enough given it will not consume much of the user’s phone space.


The music in this game is not that good but not that bad either. Since music plays an important role in a game experience this is not very unique since most games play more or less the same music. The sound effects after scoring a ball or having missed is terrible and the developer should consider revising it.

Final Words

In general the game is great but the developer should consider tweaking some few things here and there. It is also free to play and there are no lives that have to renew as most games are. It is also free in play store. It also does not lag when playing which is a good thing.

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