Insight of the new Xiaomi Amazfit smart watch and much more about it

by Oct 24, 20160 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : Android
Developer : Xiaomi
Rating : 4
Positives : attactive, cool
Negatives : none

There are many things which are gaining a lot of popularity in the market. A person can now, choose from different electronic products which are available now. There are smart phones, earphones and even wrist watches which have evolved. The evolution of wrist watches has allowed a person to run a watch from the heart beat to making calculations of the heart beat per minute. A good leap in the journey of the evolution of wrist watches. The multi-national giants Xiaomi is all set to launch its new wrist watch which has been in the news for quite a long time. It has made a lot of efforts and collaborated with a company in order to create this watch. The watch is first from the mobile manufacturer so, people are quiet excited about the way it will work and many other things. For people who are interested in the watch, there are details which are mentioned below about the specifications and caliber of the watch, take a look-


Storage capacity –

The watch will include a 512 Mb storage which is more than enough to store some good number of songs and details in the watch. There were speculations about the watch being made with no memory (internal) are now being thrashed because the company stated that the watch will come in a 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory model which will enhance the working of the watch.4 GB of storage has been provided in order to enhance the collection of the songs and everything else you wish to store in the watch. 4 GB of internal space is not even present in some of the mobile phones but, the watch stands out with an exceptional storage caliber. This watch is available at several online stores and purchasing it can be convenient using the Flipkart discount offers. You can keep yourself updated with the offers and grab the smart watch which has exceptional features.

Water resistant and dust resistant

The athletes out there are taking this watch as an important tool which can be used to enhance the experience of exercising. With features like dust and water resistance, the watch will make sure that there is no stone left unturned during the practice sessions. Minor rain showers seem of no use when we talk about the quality of the watch. It can sustain a lot of rain and dust and works completely fine.

However, the feature has been added in many phones and is by now, very common but, introducing the feature in the watch has allowed some more inventions which will follow for the betterment who knows a watch might come up which is shock proof as well?

1.34 inch display for easy moving finger

The people who have invested their money in the high priced watches often complained that the screen size of the watch caused a lot of trouble while operating it and guess what xiaomi heard them and made a watch which has a big display to move your fingers with ease. The quality of touch is enhanced and the butter like touch makes everything smooth to operate.

Heart rate sensor

The accuracy of the heart rate sensor will no longer be a concern for people who love to stay fit. The watch has been provided the best heart rate sensor which gives out the accurate heart rate in the best working conditions. There are many people who have been pointing fingers over the authenticity of the heart rate device used but, xiaomi has made a master piece which has the latest of the technology being used in the making of the watch. The heart rate can be calculated within seconds and proves out to be the same as calculated by an external machine. The only difference is that this machine is worn over the wrist.

Purchasing online is the best option as you can check out the discount deals and offers. There are many sites that provide you offers which can help you in grabbing the discounts and getting the watch at reduced prices.