InSlideOut : App for Social Event Management

by Jun 4, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4.5
Positives : easy to use, event tracking
Negatives : none

InSlideOut is an innovative iPhone and iPad app that allows users to congregate all information regarding events of their interest in one place. This app has proven to be a top-notch app for what it promises: local events social networking. The strengths of the app come down to a) its aesthetic appeal, b) accessibility, c) expansive catalogue of teams/artists, d) several opportunities to correlate social media and events.


Creating an account is simple; a name, email address, phone, zip code and password are all that is needed. After that, the experience begins. InSlideOut comes equipped with an elegant, yet modern, white and turquoise design, which gives the app a great feel and keeps everything attractively organized. All of the buttons are quite self-explanatory, and the app seamlessly guides the user through its features the first time it is used. The screen is divided horizontally into Sports and Concerts, which one can customize through a broad selection of artists and teams on their catalogue.


The app also gives its users the option to switch back and forth between local and national events. Everything is very neatly displayed. One of the big hits of this app is its ability to personalize it, due to the vast range of both professional and college baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer teams, as well as international and local artists. Even a decent number of independent bands and foreign non-commercial artists are included in the catalogue, which results really attractive to fit every different need. Once the selection of the desired artists/teams has been made, the app gathers information from the web to present the user with upcoming concerts and matches. All this information just at the tip of one’s fingers.


Furthermore, the app offers built-in features that turn it into a brand-new type of social networking app. While the main focus goes to the events, it is also possible to add ‘Connections,’ that is, friends from a contact list to network interests together. The app also comes with the commodity of a built-in ‘buy-tickets’ button that allows the user to purchase tickets right from the app.The app’s only weaknesses are related to the newness of the company, and will probably be worked out in a short period of time. The FAQ and About tabs are momentarily empty, making it hard for users to have readily accessible information about the product. However, it does include a Contact tab in case any major concern arises.

Another one of its weaknesses is the lack of functionality outside the US. For the time being, it does not seem possible to access information if one is traveling and wishes to consult local events or if one lives abroad. Nevertheless, these gaps will most certainly be filled once the company continues to grow. Overall, the quality of the product is very high, especially for a free download.All in all, InSlideOut is an exciting new creation that allows users to easily and effectively browse and plan attendance to sports and music events individually and with friends. It as a social network unlike any other, and it keeps all the promises it makes and more.

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