Insyda -The best app to let people know when you’re free

by Dec 20, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Insyda Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : privacy, easy to use
Negatives : none

Communication is an important aspect of life, while earlier people used to depend on occasions to meet and talk now they have the option to simply call anyone they want. The problem with calling someone is that they are often busy or not available and people do not come to know when they are available. Calling at the wrong time can be harmful for both the mood of the people and the purpose of the call. There are a number of apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. which let people know what their friends and family are doing.


The problem with apps based on social platforms is that it they are primarily focused towards being the source for communication instead of providing hints to when it is the best to communicate. Also, it seems like a hectic task to post or update a status every time a person gets free. Too many notifications may also result in people getting irritated and unfollowing you on these apps.


Insyda is an app which is focused at telling people when it is the perfect time to communicate with the people they want to. Insyda comes with a variety of features and accessibilities which allows the users to do a number of things from their mobile. People can change their availability or current status with the simple flick of a button. They can also upload their location along with photos at any time to the app.

When people want to contact someone but are not sure of their availability or do not want to disturb or intrude in their work then they have the option of sending them a free message. The message can be typed easily or sent using predefined structures such as “Hey, how are you doing”, “Call me when you are free” etc. These structures can be edited and customized by the users while using the app. The text message is sent instantly to the user and does not include any added costs.

People can also choose to set a trigger for the people who they are interested in talking to. Setting a trigger for a contact gives a notification when the other person is available to talk. People also have the option to view the availability and current condition of various contacts through a list using this app. People can also use the app for a recommended time which would be best for both the users to communicate.


People can set their privacy settings to adjust the people who will be able to see certain content. People can easily customize the privacy settings to hide certain or all content from various users or groups of users. People can send a notification to their contacts when they want to talk to them through a feature known as “ring”. It is also easy to update the current status and availability according to your location although using the GPS continuously can quickly drain the battery.

Overall Insyda is a perfect app for people to contact each other with respect to their availability and have the best conversations.

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