Introducing The Innovation Age Of Crafting – A Thrilling Iphone Game

by Nov 5, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Pollop Studio
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives : none

The innovation of age crafting is a new, user friendly, release from iPhone. With a simple layout, this game has no age restrictions. What sets it aside from other mobile phone games is its historical content. While piecing it together and overcoming various challenges, the puzzle reveals a number of antique artifacts. These are technologies, objects and inventions that help the player get a clear picture of life during prehistoric times. The user not only suppresses boredom, but also learns a little history in the process.


How to play

Innovation of age crafting is a board game that contains movable tiles. To move tiles on the board, just touch and swipe in desired direction. The ripple effect of the moving tile flows to the end of the line. This means a tile movement is not limited to one or two places. As one advances through the levels, obstacles increase to challenge the player. Gaping holes in the walls sink and trap doors that lay waiting around various corners keep the player engaged.

To earn points, the user has to combine tiles, which will result in a new tile. This new tile can be combined with another tile to get another new tile. For example, a combination of two Early Man tiles will give a Family tile. The Family tile can be joined with a Cave tile to produce a Cave Painting. After every successful play, the user learns something new on the evolution of the human race. With a help button, players have no worry of stagnating on one board. After a few rounds, playing without any assistance from the help page is possible.


Features of the Innovation Age of Crafting

  1. It is a unique mix of arcade games and puzzle games
  2. The current version available on iTunes is 1.7.7, which was updated last on October 29, 2015.
  3. Its total size is 57.4 MB
  4. This application has a free download on iTunes with 10 boards to play in the first two levels (Stone Age and Antiquity). The full version contains 5 chapters each fitted with 25 challenging levels, building up to 125 exciting levels.
  5. It is compatible with IOS devices ranging between iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 plus so a lot of people can enjoy it.


Why play Innovation Age of Crafting

Innovation age craft gem in the app games world. It is a creation from the best mobile phone games developers and does not disappoint since it is both educating and entertaining. With its easy to understand display, this application has been crafted to high performance. It does not burden the phone’s operating system or slow down other functions. In addition, its multiple levels make it a reliable travel companion for all ages.

The verdict

This application is a game changer. It combines fun and learning, taking gaming to another level. Changing obstacles capture the player’s attention and reduce monotony. Innovation Age of Crafting is worth playing and even introducing it to the young generation. It will help spike their interest in history and keep their minds engaged intellectually.

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