iOSEmus App Installer for iOS (iPhone/ iPad)

by Mar 12, 20190 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : iPhone
Developer : iOSEmus
Rating : 4.5
Positives : easy to use, simple, UI
Negatives :

It is no news that jailbreaking has become difficult now and accessing Cydia has not remain much of an option. In such a scenario, using tweaks and modified apps that we have become accustomed to is indeed a challenge. To solve this challenge, recently there has have several developments. Developers have come up with app installers that don’t need any jailbreaks and thus without Cydia also we can experience the same features. One such app installer is iOSEmus. It provides access to plenty of features and apps that Cydia had to offer and still much more.


Features of iOSEmus: 

IOSEmus is a bundle of happiness which has something to offer to almost everyone who wishes to use it. No longer we need to look up to only Cydia for our favourite games, modifications or tweaks. Let’s have a look at the features that iOSEmus has to offer:

  • It provides access to the latest and best paid and premium apps for free.
  • It allows us to play modified games with full access to all the in-game bonuses, coins, lives and cheats without having to pay anything for it.
  • It provides its users with modified apps, iOS app store and stock apps which are difficult to find from other sources.
  • It also provides access to those apps which do not make it through the strict Apple security guidelines even though they are safe to use.
  • You can find all the best Cydia apps and tweaks, like emulators and screen recorders in iOSEmus without having to jailbreak.

Download iOSEmus:

Those amazing and abundant features would have definitely made you excited. In case you are wondering from where you can have iOSEmus on your device, here are a few easy steps to follow:

Download on iOS devices:

  • Go to Download iOSEmus on Safari browser on your Apple devices.
  • Get the step by step tutorial to get iOSEmus installed.
  • Once you have followed all the given instructions.
  • The iOSEmus app is installed in your device and you can find it on the Home screen on your device.

Now since you have iOSEmus on your device, you can start using and enjoying it.