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Genre : Games
Platform : Android | iPad
Developer : iprize
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Graphics, colors, UI
Negatives :

Do you know our life is full of opportunities to prove ourselves? We just need the right direction to go and a platform to become successful. Besides our job and work life, there is a talent in all of us which we hide. But, we can earn fame, recognition and money by showing it to the whole world. With iPrize, you will earn name, fame, recognition and of course money. Just show your abilities and talent to the whole world by participating in the competitions from thousands of authors worldwide and become famous and popular. Moreover, you can create your own contest and organize quizzes in a few minutes or participate in contests from other users.

The iPrize has been developed by Grocemania Tech Ltd and has been compatible with all the Android and App devices. It’s a quiz and trivia app where you will get a lot of opportunities to prove yourself. You must be 18 years or above to participate in the contests. You are required to correctly answer all the questions within a certain time frame and you will get points after that. The app is not only for entertainment, but also a way to show your talent, tell about your hobbies. Just post the picture in the category chosen and write the caption and share with your friends. The more likes you’ll get, the more popular you’ll be! There are different categories of the quest such as sports, beauty, humor, creativity and many more. You can organize/participate in general knowledge quiz games, earn money games, guess the answer games, knowledge is power games, active quiz houses, etc.

The iPrize is the correct way to show your talent which gives you so many opportunities. You can participate very easily on the competition page and upload your creations such as any photo, story or video and then wait for your results. The winner will be the one who gets the most likes from other users. It’s very easy to create your own contest too! Just press the ‘plus’ button, choose the format of the creative, fill in the name, description and several other fields. After moderation, the contest appears in the common line. You can also share your contests with your friends and family by sending the links. This will help you to recruit more participants and make the contests more interesting.

Overall, iPrize is a unique way to become famous and show your talent to the whole world. It will boost your confidence and develop something new in you! You will become popular through your efforts and people will know you better. It gives you exposure and time to know yourself as well. It’s such an amazing app which is easy to use and has nice graphics. I am overwhelmed and I am sure you will also be! So grab the app now from the Google Play store or iTunes Store!

 Pros: easy to use; smart way to show your hidden talent; become famous; host and participate in contests; free.

 Cons: none.

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