IRIE Islands Defence- Defend your islands from cruel invaders

by Aug 13, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : SUN TEAME PTE LTD.
Rating : 4
Positives : sceens, UI, fun
Negatives : none

Have you enjoyed war games for as long as you can remember? Does the news of a new war game in the market get you all excited? If yes, then here’s some good news for you. iOS app developer Harold Hemmings recently released another exciting war game into the App Store. IRIE Islands Defence is another war game where you emerge as the hero and protect those you love. It is filled with excitement and adventure to the brim. So much so that you can never get enough of it.


In this game, your job is to protect your precious IRIE islands from invasions by evil and cruel invaders. It is a matter of the liberty and freedom of your land and you must do whatever it takes to keep that intact. You must defend it in every way possible as the commander in chief. Your main task is to gather your best warriors and teams to wage war against enemies at your best.


Islands have always been known for their beauty and scenery. It is this beauty that is at stake. Tropical battles are here to blotch all this scenic beauty. It is your duty to prevent this kind of sin. You must stand guard in your tower and keep an eye out on the enemies as they approach your islands. With the best among a range of guns, tanks and soldiers, you must sacrifice everything needed to save the beauty of your islands. You cannot let the invaders take away that which is inherently yours to keep. Your future generations must experience this luscious scenery too.

The game has been organised pretty well. There are many unique levels, each filled with battles. As the levels go higher, the level of difficulty also increases consequently. You get started with picking out your own soldiers and weapons from a huge collection. Once this is done, you’re ready to fight epic battles against those cruel invaders.


The essence of this game is the tropical islands where the battles are wages. They have been depicted beautifully in the background by the app designers. The beauty of nature has been shown in a breath-taking manner. The trick to success is to come up with the right strategy and implement it. Using the right weapons and skilled soldiers, protecting your homeland is not very hard.

IRIE Islands Defence can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It is fit for anyone with a love for war games and battles. The app requires iOS 7.0 or higher and 62.8 MB of free memory space. It has currently been optimised for the iPhone 5, maintaining compatibility with the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone too. There are a number of in app purchases to help you out in case you get stuck somewhere.

All said and done, IRIE Islands Defence is a great game. Anyone who fancies defence games or war games or is on the lookout for some action must try out this game. It is not one worth missing out on.

Good: Unique levels, choice of weapons and soldiers

Bad: None

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