iSleight : Trying to become a magician?

by Dec 18, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Lightfall LLC
Rating : 5
Positives : concept, tricks, easy to learn
Negatives : None

Trying to become a magician or even pretending to be one could be a huge uphill task as it requires days of practice and high levels of needs to be cunning and fast with their hands so that they can be able to convince their audience. In the modern world the art of being a magician is being considered as archaic but with advancements in technology new applications are coming up, and they have the capabilities of producing some stunning mind of the applications that have emerged recently is called the Isleight application.


How the Isleight application works

The new Isleight application is built based on the platforms that a magician would consider in their tricks. The application enables the users to perform tricks that would be considered as magic. The application is very easy to use, so one can learn and perform the available tricks in the shortest time-frame available. When the user has learnt all the tricks in the bag, then they can be able to make predictions


The magician’ makes their prediction in advance on hand-held decks of cards or sheets of papers. The user then can show the audience that the deck on their phone is constantly shuffling; implying that no card is going to be similar as the one in the preceding flick. With that information, the spectator or person in question is given a chance to scroll through the deck and select one of the cards available. The user then reveals their prediction and they match with that of the spectators. No force or coercion is needed for the spectators to be able to make their selection so that the prediction works. The tricks are customizable by adding additional sleighs and mentalist abilities.


Compatibility and availability of Isleight application

The application has been built to be able to run on devices with IOS, and these would include all sorts of iPhones that are running on IOS version 9.0 or a newer version. Some of the devices compatible will include iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The application can be used by everyone as it doesn’t have any age limitation. The app is also universal in nature so it can be used everywhere without interrupting with one’s beliefs or their lines of thoughts. The app is available for downloads in the iTunes store for only $4.99.The application is about 50 Mb in size.

Pros of Isleight app

One of the surprising aspects of this app is that it doesn’t need any internet connection so that it can work. The app has an auto-reset function that comes into play after every prediction so that cases of suspicion are eliminated. Another thing to be noticed is that the app allows for improvement as it will allow updates in the future; these updates will include customizable front and backs of the decks.


One doesn’t need to have any beliefs so that they could be able to enjoy the benefits of the app since it doesn’t interfere with one’s beliefs. If you are bored, and you are looking for ways to lighten up your life, then I would advise you go for this app since it’s nothing short of amazing.

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