Jelly Flop – The Cutest Jellyfish Trying to Fly around the World

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Platform : Android
Rating : 4.3
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Well, a jellyfish cannot really fly, but our jellyfish does fly by flopping! Jelly Flop is a delightful mind game with cheerful colors and attractive jelly props that propels the player forward into the numerous levels available. The game is all about, our adorable jelly fish that is present on a step in the sky waiting to be flopped. The player needs to draw line / lines in order to make it bounce off the shelves, collecting the drops of water and ultimately the feather, on the way.

It is a complete scientific game that involves pre-planning the track of the jelly fish and then pressing the ply button to see if your plan really works. The concept is to recreate the effect of gravity on the jellyfish and the sticks that we create to alter its path. Even the bounce of the jellyfish wanes after 1-2 bounces, just like in reality. The developers at Concrete Software Inc. have left their users spell bound by creating a bubble gum app game like Jelly Flop that truly mimics the real world in a fun way and also keeps the players engrossed for hours together.

Functional Highlight

  • There are as many as 20 levels in the initial phase that keep the player engrossed with the mini goals to achieve.
  •   The game setup consists of 5-6 backdrop themes against which the games are played. Exciting customizable hats for jelly too can be availed.
  •  Apart from the sticks we draw, there are other interesting props, like steps, teleports etc., available too. These sticks are like sticky gum that extends length wise as per out need.
  •  The game play focuses on collecting the feathers and devices that act like currency to buy the advanced play options.
  •  As the jelly fish flops, the player can not only see the droplet / feather collection but can also feel it through phone vibration. This is due to the app’s integration with Immersion Haptic Vibration feedback.
  •  This app is totally free and installable on Android 2.1+


The whole app has got a neat interface with a uniform jellyfish theme about it. The character building of the jellyfish along with the action filled sequences of the game play gives a nice look and feel, tempting us to get addicted. It is a good way for kids to learn inclined plane and gravity concepts in Physics, and what other better way to teach than a splendid game app.


 The app itself can be categorized a little as a bulky app since it occupies 23MB of your disk space. Further, the game screen does not utilize the whole screen of the phone or tablet. So as a result the game appears zoomed out.


Jelly Flop provides wholesome entertainment to people of all age groups and is a constructive way to pass time on the go. Apart from the uniform jelly theme, the concept is meaningfully achieved by a visual narration of how our jelly fish nurtures a dream to fly and how by finishing the levels, the jellyfish collects feathers hoping to fly someday. So don’t forget to meet our cute little jelly fish and help out in achieving its dream.

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